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"People started believing their opinions aren't just as important as anybody else's, but that they're as important as facts." -Ricky Gervais
@blumenkraft It's too complex a group for outliers to be suspect.
@blumenkraft it's all hypothetical. US trends up there along with many, but many others are not trending up like that…
@blumenkraft how would skewed numbers in US affect other countries' numbers?
@jeremy Yay!
@blumenkraft No, it would mean some hospitals that are strapped for cash are skewing some stats. That's not hard to imagine. What would the worldwide conspiracy be?
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@blumenkraft when someone has an accident, goes to the hospital and dies, and is found to have asymptomatic covid:

Fire = falling
Climate change = covid
Dry wood = ladder? Or whatever :)
@blumenkraft I don't understand. If this is happening in the states, some of the... - http://chimpnut.nl/u/33MHz/lp/851543 - #longpost
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@blumenkraft I don't understand. If this is happening in the states, some of the count might just be hospitals getting used to including covid in the cause of death whenever someone has covid and dies…

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@blumenkraft under the CARES Act, "hospitals get an extra 20% in Medicare reimbursements on top of traditional rates" for covid-related treatments, including deaths.
@blumenkraft here in the states, I know nurses who've said this is happening in their hospitals, because normal money-making procedures aren't allowed to happen, and the feds distribute hospital aid $$ based on case count.
@blumenkraft my impression was @ludolphus was referring to circumstances where a death is marked in COVID stats because they tested positive for it, but the cause of death should not be correlated, like a fall.
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@blumenkraft I know people who didn't like 45 but voted for him anyway. There are centrists, too, no one is attempting to moat. Both parties are relying on polarizing their base and just hoping their base happens to be bigger than the other's, IMO.
@blumenkraft @ludolphus and then imagine the fire department gets paid extra if climate change is declared the cause of death…
@blumenkraft no, I haven't enabled iCloud. So far there's nothing to back up.
@wife The debate really highlighted his age. /@sunshine
Most of the hardware. I swear, three bees would flap more.

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