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Shiny is better.

@Kabuku I missed out at going to the museum. It was the last week of December and tourist tickets had sold out by the time my mom heard about it.
Welp, I’m not buying the Spider-Man remaster if I get a PS5.
@Kabuku I’ve had homemade New Years soup. Stayed with family friends for a few days and they cooked it. Amazing!
@Kabuku @Kabuku I did have buckwheat noodles on accident when I went into a place that had those vending machines. The language barrier did make clear what we had selected. My mom and I thought we ordered ramen. Good nonetheless.
@Kabuku do you mean natto? Not had that or naruto before.
@joe I haven’t used it in years. Could care less now.
Wait... Naruto is named after a fishcake?! 🍥 And I never had one during the week I spent in Japan in 2011 or ever since.

I want some naruto now.
I understand the nose bleeds are trope in anime but I seriously get that checked out by a doctor if it occurs so frequently.
@joe Cassidy > Finn
I even have her Necrotic Vomit shirt.
@joe wait... you haven’t played it yet?

Wasteland is my favorite episode. It mirror’s LIS1’s third episode.
@Wife worse than 2016.
I quit like 30 minutes ago. Too much of a mess.
I’d have started watching Naruto a long time ago if someone had told me it was about a ninja that liked ramen.
@Streakmachine She had me worried once when she left our terminal to report to security for having chocolate wrapped in tin foil discovered in her locked luggage. She was gone for like 45 minutes.
@Kabuku I was told by my mom that she saw a line and assumed it was the line she was supposed to be in. Gave no thought to it.
So the professional American invented sports have experienced outbreaks since resuming their seasons. Basketball is not included because A: no outbreaks and B: invented by a Canadian!
@ludolphus which Bob Marley and the Wailers album is your favorite? I like Exodus the most.
@Kabuku my family is like herding cats. Seriously in the before times when travel was normal, when traveling with extended family you had to keep eyes on them at all times. My grandma almost tried a random plane once.
@Streakmachine is this the new version of predators using candy to lure kids away? Because if it is... good quality coffee could be my downfall.

You gave up too much to turn back now.