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Yes, I am aware that FFVII remakes are all the rage for Square Enix right now.
Life is Strange: Double Exposure having FFVII inspired outfits feels weird since the original game has that out of place line of dialogue praising Spirits Within (for what I know is largely derided as a movie and a Final Fantasy related thing).
@joe I just listened to a podcast were the host said that Square Enix doesn’t consider Life is Strange a LGBTQ+ game.
@joe Christian Divine (lead story writer?) has said in interviews that both are canon.
@joe The press release from today (there was a gameplay live stream) says both endings are acknowledged [square-enix-games.com].
I am excited for Life is Strange: Double Exposure. Yes, I am aware of the stuff going on at Deck Nine. No, I do not want to discuss any of that. All I want to is play a video game.
@joe I recall it used to be a webpage with the fake image of a video player.
lol, http://katesvid.com redirects to the Life is Strange website.
New Life is Strange game: Double Exposure!!! And it sounds like Hannah Telle back! https://youtu.be/TOYz4NCFIXg?si=UlT_-3_2ev9Inf2V
Ugh. I hope this cyst on my neck gets drained tomorrow. Been bugging me all week since I noticed it.
First a fake story about McDonald’s closing in California [sfgate.com] and now an entire news platform pushing what seem to be AI generated stories [arstechnica.com] which have been actively harmful.
@joe To end this rant, I will explain my point. My point is that Netflix should have made their device management system easier to use. It shouldn’t require a (what seems to be) only a smart TV (Apple TV app doesn’t have these settings) to make the update.
@joe It is a messy process if you have older types of devices. Not all their apps have the same settings page and their support docs just say you need to use a different TV if you don’t see the settings in the app.
@joe On top of that, the transition seemed arbitrary. I didn’t at first understand why two televisions were left unaffected (my guess: they are recognized as TV apps). Worse is the update process requires certain types of TV app to complete it.
@joe I understand that. Guess my problem was the lack of support documentation explaining the transition. I had to chat with support to confirm what updating the Household device list would mean.
I do not want my parents to pay more just so I can watch on multiple devices.
Basically when Netflix introduced the Household management, it blocked all the non-TV devices already logged into the account. And since two of the televisions are located at different IP addresses, updating the device list is a nonstarter. #Netflix
Long story short, all I want is to watch Star Trek: Prodigy on my phone. Have to wait for profile transfer so I can have that data on a different account. Can’t update the Household, because that would block my parents from using it. #Netflix
Started reading Small Sacrifices by Ann Rule. By coincidence, I am reading it 11 days after the 40th anniversary of the event.
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