@joe to my business associates, but you can call me Joe Ortiz.

The Facts

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I work in the IT/Marketing/Social fields, a Culture Vulture in heart and an one part geek in a all-rounder way!

Shiny is better.

Listening to some Complementary Jazz, which is a secret obsession of mine for the last 30 years or so.
@papierzeit I like your setup a whole lot! That computer is great I say.
@prometheus No sadly since they blocked scrapers beforehand.
I saved a website that has several candles and now it suddenly 404ed.

I can guess they're quietly shut down which is a shame.
@ryb Oh ahahah that is creative I give him that.

@33MHz @streakmachine
Nice that ProtonMail stripped tracking pixels in emails now although it's in the desktop only for now. It was mostly requested by most folks me included so nice to see that.
@Streakmachine They actually did added a N/F/T feature.

Here's some info via the nitter mirror [nitter.net]
@shawn Yep, and it will be a matter of time before everyone gets to use them there which is not a good thing. People are going to be so scammed...
@shawn @33MHz Yep, they just endorsed a ponzi scheme [nitter.net]
It's days like today makes me glad I'm here more often than on the birdsite.

You all know what they just did today...
@shawn Yep, it's become very clear that they have abandoned the consumer users that made them in the first place and they have put their focus on business and enterprise customers first. It's sad on what they have become.

@hybotics @33MHz
Upgraded my self-hosted Nextcloud to be a bit more responsive and cleaner on the structure side. Feels good!
Got some new audio wired headphones that fit very well thanks to a sale happening in a electronics store where I live. I like it quite a ton!
@jacobrealo Not a done deal though, it's just a proposal. Remains to be seen if antitrust regulators in the US and the EU would take a long hard look at it. My guess is they will.
If you're in the US, you can now order free rapid at home COVID tests [special.usps.com]
@hybotics Sadly, I feel those IPs would be Xbox and Windows exclusive assuming if it goes through antitrust.

@shawn I left them a few months ago and rely on KeePass XC and DX. No regrets.
@33MHz Question is, Will it get through antitrust issues? Very questionable really. I’m sure the FTC and the DOJ will certainly look at this.

It would be great if there's a video game adaption of "The Silence of the Lambs." I'll buy that in a nano.
@mandy Here's a rare eagle making waves, the Steller's sea eagle [mainepublic.org]

You gave up too much to turn back now.