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I work in the IT/Marketing/Social fields, a Culture Vulture in heart and an one part geek in a all-rounder way!

Shiny is better.

Jacket season is upon us. Also hope the virus doesn’t get out of control when the colder weather hits...
@mandy How long did you have this cold? I think it's a take a easy mode like go for hikes and enjoying park visits.
@rafaelcosta @mandy It's a reason why I still prefer wired headphones since wireless ones will run out of battery in 12-18 months assuming if you use it a lot.
Another week of nice rhythm on the business side of things. Still a hybrid model but coding and taking clients well.
@thedoctor Early morning shifts must be rough for you...
@lechindianer The sad thing is that most companies that operate in Texas mostly agree with this law whether they like it or not. Even Apple and Salesforce.
Jess Miers profile and interview [digiday.com]

This is a great piece on her work on #Section230. Very important stuff!
@jacobrealo I guess they are if they ignoring her. I actually like Vargas in the reboot.
Framework laptop: Cory Doctorow's thoughts [pluralistic.net]

The Framework laptop has great reparability and customization. Exciting to see how it evolves over time although it does look promising here.
A Sea of Flags: Commemorating More Than 675,000 Americans Lost to COVID-19 (12 photos) [feedproxy.google.com]
Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide Conducts DNA Sequencing Aboard Station [nasa.gov]
Planning on my first in person lighting talk for the first time in nearly two years in November. Expect a fully vaccinated crowd and reduced capacity thankfully.

We'll see how this goes.
Untitled Duck Game #pnutprinter
@rafaelcosta Have a safe flight!
Photos: A Destructive Eruption on the Canary Islands (22 photos) [feedproxy.google.com]
Baffin Bay, Greenland: A Historical Perspective [nasa.gov]
Between Restlessness and Rapture: Autumn and the Sensual Urgency of Aliveness [feedproxy.google.com]
The Good Luck of Your Bad Luck: Marcus Aurelius on the Stoic Strategy for Weathering Life’s Waves and Turning Suffering into Strength [feedproxy.google.com]
First week back at business send of things was a success!

Hopefully this continues on.
@mandy Do you have to wear masks while performing? That's hard to do. I would make it a exception to take it off while performing.

You gave up too much to turn back now.