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Shiny is better.

Studying Aircraft Noise [nasa.gov]
Never, never, ever, ever trust and rely on the polls. 1989 and 2016 has shown you that.

Vote like your life, liberty, and your existence as a human being depend on it. Because they do.
14 Learnings from 14 Years of Brain Pickings [feedproxy.google.com]
Here's the trailer [youtu.be]
@igmp_join Yep!
@j_r_snook There's a separate coalition of Dem state AGs are doing their own investigation and it may be stronger than this. But as of right now, I can't see this going anywhere.

Here's Mike Masnick today on how weak the GOP-led DOJ case is. [techdirt.com]
Really digging the new designs for the Animaniacs reboot.
cookie jar (i)
Anyone use Quibi? It's shutting down.
@jacobrealo I haven't checked out Season 3 yet, but I'll look for her on it. Is she good?
@j_r_snook The only true challenge should come from the EU since the US probe is an all-GOP effort led by Bill Barr and I expect it to be a farce, as Karl Bode describes [techdirt.com]
Touching Down on Asteroid Bennu [nasa.gov]
@jacobrealo I never knew she had a daughter named Maya Hawke (such a great name!).
Tenacity, the Art of Integration, and the Key to a Flexible Mind: Wisdom from the Life of Mary Somerville, for Whom the Word “Scientist” Was Coined [feedproxy.google.com]
@j_r_snook Don't think it's going anywhere though.
@lechindianer Sounds about right...
PSA: the #WIndows 10 20H2 major update has arrived and you shouldn't install it right now unless you want to become a glorified beta tester. [computerworld.com]

Here's Susan Bradley and Woody Leonhard on how to block the update from installing.

#windows10 #tech
Here's @mps' obit if you want to read it. [chattanoogan.com]
So yours truly will formally mask up and going to early vote on Saturday morning. Like I said, I can't trust the board of elections with their ballots if not in person.
Neutron Stars Create Gold and Platinum in Their Wake [nasa.gov]
@joanna Mostly on the bird site lately, but if you remember back on the ADN days, she loved to post turtle emocons!

You gave up too much to turn back now.