@joe to my business associates, but you can call me Joe Ortiz.

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I work in the IT/Marketing/Social fields, a Culture Vulture in heart and an one part geek in a all-rounder way!

Shiny is better.

I see a lot of spam emails hat the only way to stop them is to block the domain that it originally sent.

Just wish email providers can offer it. Not a lot do sadly.
@jacobrealo I read the booklet that Arrow UK provided for the 4K release and it did mention that budget constraints at the time (not knowing if United Artists would back it then) caused some of the aforementioned changes.
@jacobrealo At least they did inform everyone and get refunds for the delay. Hope you still be able to go if it's rescheduled at some point.
@jacobrealo Fair enough, as there are some scenes that are questionable for sure although I enjoyed it mostly.

I need to watch the 2014 film adaption at some point and compare the two to the book.
@jacobrealo That's not good, out of nowhere too...
Watching this movie again tonight as today, May 25th is where Carrie White is awarded Prom Queen at her senior dance....

...we all know what eventually happened.

Carrie (1976)
cookie jar (i)
Back in 2021, someone converted a Cisco 7609 router into a beer tap [esp32-open-mac.be] and I felt it's good to share this classic read.
What a good week it has been. Hope you all have good if not better ones.
@33MHz Disney and the BBC have a non-UK streaming rights deal as I’m sure @thedoctor would know.
@33MHz I saw it in Mediagazer today. [mediagazer.com]

Yikes they have gutted it. :(
@jacobrealo Very nicely done! I'm sure you wished Generations didn't happened.
Non-Euclidean Doom, where the value of pi is not 3.14159 [boingboing.net]

This is a total gem folks!
@peemee That’s some great news!
Currently spending time with my mother today, and I know not everyone feels the same way.

Thinking of those people who don't have that option as it's always tough to cope.
@SpaceNerdMo That's some great images! Very lucky that you can see it.
@shawn U.M.P.
@SpaceNerdMo Preach!

Thankfully some have opened up to other avenues but more needs to be done.
Saw some private planes take off near a park that I was in earlier. A very nice sight to behold although I can't share pics otherwise I would be in legal hurt.
Happy 60th BASIC! [arstechnica.com]

I'm sure people like myself will always owe our lives and careers to this legendary language as it started it all for many of us.

Happy May Day everyone!

I wish it was a US holiday.

You gave up too much to turn back now.