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Happy Friday! This is your reminder that “fun size” is not fun size. This is Fun Size!
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@33MHz Have a great Friday!
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It was looking bleak, but about 15 minutes before the end of Beggars’ Night we got visited by about 10 teenagers. I said, “There’s a lot of you here. One hand only. If your elbow bends, it doesn’t count.” 😉
I wonder if next year we should take RSVPs for trick-or-treaters and just spend our Halloween budget on those people. ;)
@mandy I never wait more than two minutes to start a meeting, and less if the person isn’t important. I’ve cut meetings short when I’m done and then someone else logs into the meeting :)
@mandy I appreciate that. I might start creating meeting appointments that are 25 minutes instead of 30. Might make everyone a little happier.
@mandy thankfully there were parts where I could sneak away :)
Happy Friday! Had 5 Teams meetings all in a row. Gonna have to get a catheter or something.
The plural of string bass should be STRONG BASS.
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Duran Duran released Medazzaland (25 yr Ann.) on vinyl Friday. There are two 45rpm discs and a 20-page color art book. I rank this album 9/15, but it still has good tracks like Electric Barbarella (the first single ever sold online) and Out of My Mind.
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Co-worker gave a presentation and misspelled a word. Co-worker number 2 pointed out the word and made a joke. I said, “Well, English is his third language, I think we can cut him some slack.” :)
I get it now. Tom Brady chose to stay in the NFL because nobody treats him as nicely as those referees do.
@33MHz just do it! Make your dreams come true!
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@33MHz mix them in other things, like honey or bbq sauce :)
One seriously bright pumpkin. LED light hung from inside the lid.
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We carved a pumpkin, and he’s kind of ghastly. :)
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@33MHz Cleveland is definitely rust belt; one drive through there is all it takes.
@33MHz As a Missourian originally I still don’t get why Ohio thinks it’s in the Midwest. :)
@33MHz WTH I almost missed it!
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