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Shiny is better. ⇄

Interesting choice of graphics makes it appear Ohio St is winning 59 to -7.
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Duran Duran Set List, referenced in the long post.
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Duran Duran Set List

(Duran Duran warning) I like looking at set lists, particularly from my favorite group. I like to see how balanced the list across the group's discography and see if they wander from the standard hit…

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@pnutapi congrats @33MHz !!!
Mental health is not a left vs right issue, and yet one can guarantee the reaction to Simone Biles based on the tribe of the talking head. A reminder that the pundits are just being paid to argue rather than think.
I didn’t mind the new He-Man. It’s biggest crime IMO is not too much Tee-la but the promising storyline of Evil-Lyn that gets flippantly discarded at the end.
@33MHz Thank you! At 47 one could say I’m back in my prime. :)
Lunch hour. I had already worked out this morning. I thought I’d go trim our front trees.

Found several large limbs that were so dead I could just pull them down and break them. πŸ’ͺ🏻
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@33MHz impressive. Most impressive.
Watched Return of the Jedi with Spanish audio and subtitles. The frequent mismatch of the Spanish words was actually a little instructive.

I have a new appreciation for Ian McDiarmid’s vocal acting chops.
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Daughter: “Who is OSADI, and why did they take more from my check than Federal and State combined?”

Welcome to the Ponzi party, child!
When you go to the record store and your total cost is 33-1/3…
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Before they were “dad jokes,” they were MY dad’s jokes. 😁
This new stand only holds about 80% of my collection, but man it looks sharp.
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There should be an Advanced Competency or Certificate for being able to set up a company mobile device /without/ calling the help desk.

@33MHz you should watch the original. Cult classic.
I’m watching the *Highlander 2* director’s cut on Amazon Prime Video. The cut is significantly better than the original release, but the movie is still terrible. Ramirez’s (second) exit is among the worst things ever committed to film. πŸ˜…
The first ones came at 11. Many brought lawn chairs. #rsd2021
@33MHz mmm Egyptian donut shops…
Maintaining protein macros in KC:

Smoked brisket βœ…
Smoked turkey βœ…
Smoked chicken βœ…
Pork spare ribs βœ…

@ Smokehouse BBQ

You gave up too much to turn back now. ⇄