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Just realized I hadn’t erased it yet - here’s a scan from the app. You can see I didn’t scribble outside the skirt for example.
cookie jar (i)
Close examination of the CCPen upload shows some scribbles in the digital version that aren’t quite where I put them by hand. For example, the bottom of the witch’s skirt.
Same app, Carbon Copy Pen upload of sketch
cookie jar (i)
Blackboard by Boogie Board app - scan of sketch with “dumb” stylus
cookie jar (i)
@blumenkraft do amazon readers make it difficult to read non-kindle formats? I am out of touch on book readers and their quirks
@33MHz I would like to see it on a book reader
@33MHz Do you own any e-ink? I am very interested in it but haven’t got anything yet. Just my LCP slates which are analog of course.
@33MHz my opinion any thermostat is fine if you’re not running a space heater right next to it
So tired… and it wasn’t bad for a Monday. 😴
The odd thing is ,this _d. marginata_ wants to grow sideways - it started when it was far below a window to make it want to grow UP. Mr TDH bought a stake but it is too short to straighten the whole stem. So this one will get shortened next spring!
My _dracaena marginata_, rescued from an office where it was hated, seems happy enough. But as I read about caring for it, I've probably done some things wrong. It is not supposed to be a very fast grower but it is reactive enough for me.
The #BBBlackboard app needs some of the nice touches in other like Scanner Pro. I wouldn’t want everything sent into the app to automatically sync to cloud or webdav, but it would be great to set up as an option.
Also, no way yet to delete unused folders.
A small remnant of previous writing showed up on my first page. I am not sure why. Perhaps it would be good to tap the storage area before starting new notes.
Used Blackboard Note with Carbon Copy Pen to take notes during church

Stored 4 pages safely until I was ready to unload to the app via Bluetooth

The details about the Pen that I dislike didn’t distract me while listening & writing rapidly.
@joe … or weight.
The Carbon Copy Pen has a loose and too-rounded tip and a top-heavy feel. But it has to contain all the electronics that capture my writing. And that part works GREAT. Pretty cool product and it can only improve from this start.
@joe They sent me (free!!) a selection of styluses after my first purchase, the letter-sized Blackboard, because I asked about what I could try with a finer point than the included stylus. One has the perfect pointed tip for me but not the best grip …
@thrrgilag Stressful week here too. I needed pizza last night and tonight I needed PBR.
“I’m like Elvis in many ways,” said Mr TDH.

@GTWilson Pnut climate is mostly comfy
I don’t see why the writing point should be loose. Hopefully support may have an answer. #BBBlackboard

You gave up too much to turn back now.