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@joe I doubt anyone is up to speed on streaming rules (legal) regarding the rights to this music.
@joe The theme of the concert is unsung heroes, and if two pieces are in her honor she must consider herself quite a hero but possibly not “unsung” LOL.
@joe One was commissioned by the school system from which she retired in her honor, and the other I am not sure who paid but a composer wrote to honor her and the Blue Lake Fine Arts adult band program.
Concert tomorrow. Is it a little weird that our conductor has selected TWO pieces that were commissioned to be composed in HER OWN honor?
@blumenkraft Lately I only reuse filters one time; on busy mornings it is nice to just eject the whole thing and not have to rinse the filter too. But reuse prolongs my supply - I don’t have a local source of filters.
@33MHz something about the way the textured top connects to the stem is supposed to be different.
@33MHz thought morels only are found in the spring or early summer
If “Ronnie Mac” would make his character a little more family-friendly, he might become a big hit. There are always kids coming up to him in his videos. If I guess right about who he is in real life, he has a kid so I am surprised he doesn’t try this.
@blumenkraft my two cents: I only use one filter, and have been reusing them two or three times. None have ever broken and leaked grounds into my cup, but I have accidentally scraped a hole in a few.
The new Kobo ereaders have better specs than mine. I never expected them to come out with so many new models!
@jdscolam Mr TDH loves that band.
@joe probably the GoPro? No idea how to prevent it.
My hockey teams all playing tonight. ❤️
Our GoPro corrupted its SD card after several days of recording. A friend recommended a recovery software that actually got all the videos back. Whew!
@33MHz 😞
@joe Yes. It isn’t as unique in flavor as Founder’s Dirty B*stard but very nice. We were just in Arizona and a few places had it on tap.
Four Peaks Kilt-lifter Scotch Ale is good!
@33MHz yep
My arms are very hot, I can’t cover them. But it is time for sleep.
@33MHz where was that from? I have been offline a lot just now.

You gave up too much to turn back now.