@mandy to my business associates, but you can call me mandy 💀.

The Facts

Listen to the gossip.

No PM’s please.

Shiny is better.

@33MHz how is your finger today?
@Streakmachine Agreed
Weird hot weather. Big fire in the scrapyard downtown today. Huge police response at my interstate exit tonight, in an area with only trees and meadow. No idea what could be happening there. Also heard forest fires closed I-75. Cold wet spring is gone!
@33MHz sorry to miss MNDP. Still not home. Late for my bedtime too!
Gotta find time to rewatch the Indy 500. Missed the end in order to start the long drive home. Too many caution flags.
Birthday party for mom at 6 pm. That’s going to make it difficult to be at #MNDP
@33MHz wired in series
@joe Not true here. Check your source.
@thedoctor fancy!
@shawn I have heard that show too, but not enough to really know the characters or finish a story line. It was pretty interesting.
/@Wife @kyle
@Wife Nice! I don’t know that one, is it based on books?

The Chronicles of Narnia were so well done and faithful to the books.
@33MHz actually the book club is NOT reading a Tolkien book currently. We're reading the Pendragon Cycle by Lawhead.

I haven't read anything Merlin/Arthur in decades!
Just got reminded of the old radio theater Chronicles of Narnia done by Focus on the Family.

Those are very good!

My mom has the whole set on cassette, so I need to digitize them!
The One Ring dot com has a membership level now with extra podcast segments and a private Discord server.

I canceled another subscription to justify the expense, and it is a nice little community so far. Monthly open chats, biweekly book club chats, etc.
I need a few kinds of coin batteries. Do I drive all the way to the battery store? I guess the headlamp might want a better kind that lasts in the cold.
@33MHz @kyle you have good attitudes. Every time it has happened to me, I rushed right into the first new job, so I didn’t feel the freedom.

Michigan led the way into recession last time and my division is unprofitable so…
@33MHz 🙏 sorry to hear it. Scary! Praying for you!
@33MHz No!!! What?
@33MHz really wish we could collapse GIFs after we tire of viewing them. See the real chat better.
#MNDP I can’t join; headphones not available. So enjoy the party for me. I will try to be more prepared next week!

You gave up too much to turn back now.