@mandy to my business associates, but you can call me mandy 💀.

37th pnut with 86 believers, 77 found worthy, 241 trackers. Listen to the gossip.
Proud member of the Mystery Science Club 📡.
Human in America/Detroit.
Fights the good fight.

No PM’s please.

Shiny is better.

It isn’t possible to explore the entire Keweenau Peninsula in a day but we did our best. One geocache found, many ancient white pines, and a few waterfalls.
@33MHz Yes. It will transform the image to black writing on white background if you don’t like green on black.
Time to sleep - we have a trip on the SS Badger early tomorrow morning!
@33MHz It is a delight so far. But archiving isn’t easy. Glare is the issue!

The app Scanner Pro actually works better than the vendor’s app.
Early birthday gift: Boogie Board Blackboard. 😊
It has a nice tactile feel. Very pleasant!

I’m not sure where it is made entirely but the “liquid crystal paper” is made in Ohio.
@33MHz I wish I could make it. Life is stressful currently and it is hard to keep on top of things. So now it’s late for MNDP and I need rest.

Camping next Monday. Perhaps the 10th!
Praying for the people of China in danger from the three gorges dam. It is terrifying.
@33MHz I am unconvinced.
@33MHz Awful. Hope that goes away fast. Is it making him uncomfortable?
@33MHz so we should scream out “I’m bored” the moment we are sitting around with no entertainment stimulation? Thinking thoughts is dangerous and difficult, much better to watch hours of videos.
Too many mosquito bites.
@joe They sent a survey to see what kind of group situations would appeal to us. My guess is people like me who are unconcerned with the virus may be grouped up to form a small ensemble and those who are concerned will not play, or only play outdoors.
@hutattedonmyarm congratulations and hopefully your hard work is rewarded!
@Wife you and I are thinking alike. Some of the coastal urbanites despise us middle people more than they are even aware of themselves. It has been my growing suspicion for years.
Wind instrument aerosol analysis preliminary results in time for marching band season https://www.nfhs.org/articles/unprecedented-international-coalition-led-by-performing-arts-organizations-to-commission-covid-19-study/
@Wife I listened to someone read her letter today. Ultimately NYT has made a decision how to run and they will be too blind to understand her. But it was very interesting to me.
@33MHz @wife Wonderful!
@33MHz Hopefully after this phone call! #mndp
It was a nice day for kayaking down the river.
@phoneboy The logo has been the same for decades and it did remind me of your shirt. We used to see it on bumper stickers frequently because they used to place the stickers while people were inside the park, without permission!

You gave up too much to turn back now.