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@33MHz photo please!
@joe How was Slinger? Lots of big names this year.
@joe an IT person told me a couple years ago that fax was important for HIPAA but I don’t necessarily trust that person’s accuracy
@ludolphus Never a fan of marketing that dives into social issues unless it is Steak-ummm
@joe Yes. It is a good series. The crude language is annoying and lots of politically correct nonsense but it’s otherwise good. I can’t totally recommend the short novellas though, they were all just creepy.
Another Expanse book from the library!
joe (passed by mandy)
I'm sure accessibility is the one side that many websites still need to work on. I have a client that is color blind and she can't access some legacy websites.
@rafaelcosta Wow, big news!!
@joe it isn’t even extremely hot here, just ordinary. I don’t tolerate it too well. Give me single-digits and I will gladly go outside. I guess some trees came down yesterday but I don’t know why so we have to assess the situation and if we can handle it.
Cancelled a hike today because I am a wimp about heat. But we have to assess some fallen trees at Mother TDH’s house. Could be chainsaw time soon.
@joe we found no water in the tunnels here. My black sneakers changed color though from all the dust. Pretty good racing.
@33MHz we went to MX in Minnesota a few years ago and the tunnels to get to different parts of the track had 2-3” of water in them so we had wet feet most of the day.
Always unsure how to prepare for Redbud MX. How hot will it get? Will there be mud in the tunnels? Will I want to buy stuff or bring a lot in a cooler? Will some beer bong kid puke on me? Will Roczen win a moto?
@33MHz Hmm. I was guessing that, like cast iron and pizza stone, you can wash, clean, scrub as long as you don’t dig into the coating.
Motocross tomorrow!
Where is all the sunscreen!
@33MHz how?
@i70dan Awww
@33MHz Somehow my reply to you was connected to what you said but it doesn’t seem apparent now. 😝
@33MHz There is a lot in flux. Not every technology being abandoned is worth abandoning either.

You gave up too much to turn back now.