@igmp_join to my business associates, but you can call me Max.

The Facts

Listen to the gossip.

I am a pungent fellow. Postcards are fun. Music videos always. In YVR, from STL.

Shiny is better.

I should not forget to eat.
someone should have a restaurant POS that learns patterns. oh, this is the pattern of drinks through a night that's common. oh if one person orders this thing, someone else will too (the fajita effect). then again, a human learns that in a week.
oh man. I should be looking for one rest of Godfrey Reggio's work. apparently Once Within a Time is showing locally, but it's at a time I won't be able to make.
ooooh that blood loss is hitting
@joe @33MHz while edge has it's edge of being built in, I've definitely heard a lot of people moving to ff from chrome, due to its ad behavior.
Sometimes I hear concerns about the amount of true crime media being consumed.

I'm more concerned about production of true crime.

Are you doing your part?
Are you doing enough true crime?
@ryb extremely important
the hover board is stronger when it's a guitar. #MondayNightDanceParty
cookie jar (f,o)

From forum Monday Night Dance Party

Original Gangsta

@Wife ooooooh very nice
hey your math is wrong
... I thought my metric was a value, because that's what you're presenting it as, but on doing the math, this is actually already a percent, so you're right, my math is wrong and your dashboard is misleading.
hey what even is this metric?
@33MHz I'm not sure how those are related things. that's 3 pretty different data points. and the local venues seem to be tied to their ticket seller more than anything.
@33MHz I'm not sure she actually has enough live shows for that to be the case, and she's pretty restricted in genre
I've got a hip flask of maple syrup and I'm not afraid to use it.
John Stamos was a part time beach boy
@joe I mean, if you're going decentralized, that sounds like the labels making their own instances and that's kinda weird and appropriate, but I wouldn't expect good/consistent tech from that. Do you know of a model like you mention that already exists?
if you go by surface area, which state is the largest?
@joe I always get confused by the encouragement to download your music off of Bandcamp because that's literally how I consume it. I download it basically ten minutes later. And then listen to the CD when it shows up. Streaming is weird.
@joe so yes and no. the artist still benefits from using it to give them money right now. it does make a profit, as far as I can tell. it's only that it keeps getting bought that make its future uncertain. it's not a model problem.

You gave up too much to turn back now.