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Shiny is better.

@ryb just installed the latest version a few days ago. So "whatever's on the official MS website"-old.
Very tempted to think there should be a way to get WordPress working with Cloudflare D1 DB, with perhaps a Cloudflare Worker acting as translation engine between WP's MySQL calls and D1's API. Benefits? Speeeeed!
Got one of the weirdest errors in MS Word today - the custom dictionary is full, so the new word wasn't added.

So... Word is not meant for anyone else who uses a lot of non-English words??
Hmmm. I’m spending way too much time reading non-fiction this year.
I am SO done with AirPods. The feature that they can quickly change between Apple devices is more bane than boon. It's constantly moving off to my iPhone despite me running audio on my Mac.
@33MHz nothing is unintentional in twitter right now. You can't gut the company's workforce and morale and expect things not to break.
twitter suspending WordPress' Jetpack Social API access has to be the biggest self-own of the year. Bigger than bluecheckgate. You don't mess with that much of the Internet.
I like how after uBlock blocks a URL in my browser and I allow it, my DNS is like, "nuh-uh, you're not really trying to go here dude". :D

Good job, buddy.
@shawn never blame yourself when you can blame a multi-billion dollar multinational corporation.
It's truly disappointing to me that Bing's GPT-4 Chat is "available only on MS Edge", but a User Agent change makes it work perfectly on FF and Chrome.
@33MHz oh! Sorry to hear that. When I recently moved to a new VPS, I installed the latest version of PHP and that broke two WP plugins which needed something specific in the math (I think) module that was no longer available. But it was easy to find.
@shawn Oh! That's silly and definitely not easy to debug!
@shawn what's a developer agreement?
@33MHz what fixed it?
@quizbot yup, got that right! :D
The world has seen that 99% of management books and mantras coming from CEOs these past decades is BS. The same is true for anti-remote work opinions from these same folks.
Finished Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir last night. Excellent listen, though I could see the final bit from a mile away. But that's Sci-fi for you - always hoping for the best of humanity. 5/5 stars.
Wife just discovered that there's no calculator on the iPad :D :D :D :D
Which of Vivaldi's Four Seasons is your favorite?
@Wife midweek party? One can't do that unless one is in one's twenties!

You gave up too much to turn back now.