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Shiny is better.

Somewhere out there, May has begun. Wow.
@adiabatic yeah. With JQ, syntax and getting the command just right is always going to be a problem, even with the online playground…
What’s a good online or Mac tool to transform large quantities of JSON data? I want to take JSON files and add or delete entries inside arrays in those files. Python or node lib also works.
uBlock is ~only~ blocking 1874 scripts (and counting) on TurboTax. Because when you're filing something as sensitive as taxes, you definitely need Bing looking in to see what you're up to, right?
Just heard an excerpt of the audiobook for My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh and I can only describe it as - nice!
Exactly how I expected it. Totally getting the full audiobook!
There’s CMBR and then there’s Baby Shushing Sounds on the Deep Sleep Sounds podcast. Same energy.
@prometheus it’s not even the need for a new email id that’s irritating. It’s the stupid full page overlay on mobile. That just kills the mood. I ended up not reading the article.
Mashable: “oh, you want to read this article? F that. Give us your email ID instead! That’s what you’re really here for! Right? Right???”
Amazon is selling toilet paper under the “Used - Very Good” category.
@ryb not yet. Not yet.
@joanna yup… started playing at 11:59 pm. Finished at 12:03 and when I refreshed the page to get the new one, it showed that I had already completed the day’s wordle. But it was the previous wordle. 😅
Hmmm. I think I broke Wordle.
Now I know why the new Apple TV remote comes with a Mute button - to mute out terrible Insurance ads on Hulu.
@joe some people are just trash.
@joe huh. Didn't know that. Though, come to think of it, someone would have to be responsible for giving the Orange Asshat two billion(million?) dollars of free advertising. I guess the buck stopped at another Zucker(*)...
@mikehoss nice! Same here. :D

I keep seeing failures and errors in their runs. So the max I would say the service is worth to me right now **is** two dollars a month!

@mikehoss how much did you select to pay? @33MHz
I read the first few words of the headline "...Zucker resigned..." and I thought maybe the era of FB's horrible messes is coming to a close, but the news was about CNN.
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Happy Friday! A bowl full of corn flakes for me! :D
@33MHz nice!

You gave up too much to turn back now.