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Shiny is better.

@ryb totally rhetorical :D :D
Does a skeptics community exist on StackExchange, or not?
Today is the first day when I found something relevant in duckduckgo, which I did not find in google, and hence I went back to duckduckgo. Good times in search engine land!
Oh, ok. I've been corrected. The problem is that iOS still doesn't support VP9 video. Yeah... A different PM then?
Whichever idiot Product Manager at Apple decided that I can't directly save third party videos to my iPhone, but WhatsApp can flood my Camera Uploads with shitty forwards, needs to be thoroughly, publicly shamed for their monumental stupidity.
Instagram suggested to me that I should start a new account altogether to "follow my interests" or "catch up with close friends". Soooo, I guess they acknowledge their current system doesn't help do either?
Dear Venmo, please die.
@33MHz This should be the law.

#wedc :D :D
On Mac's Terminal app, would it be possible for me to open a new window with all new colors, rotating through the list of available themes? Easy way to differentiate between open windows, right? Maybe an ActionScript thing?
I think after a while Instapaper should just send me a message saying something like, "you've not stored more read laters than you will read in ten lifetimes. How about conquering the list before adding more stuff to it??" :D :D
Telegram is the new Telly.
caddyserver vs nginx anyone? Is the primary draw the API based configuration mechanism?
@ericd cool! Looking forward to figuring out how it works with your app...
@ericd who's got two thumbs and is full of ideas for you? This guy! :D
@ericd Oh... right! I tried that with Day One once...

Would "I had a coffee" trigger the singular action of marking a coffee as having been had?

Or can it work like the phrase is "I had" and "a coffee" gets passed to the app? Not versed in Siri.
@ericd but then I'd also want

"I had... a bad day" and that would track "mood off" days, and the user could set what that means - a frown emoji, a cry emoji... a bunch of text which means "fought with spouse"...
@ericd is it really as easy as "Hey Siri, I had a coffee"? I thought you have to tell Siri which app you're invoking? So if your invocation "I had"?

Because that would be effing cool!

"Hey Siri"
"I had"
"a coffee" <- this is passed to the app! :D
I need a task execution system which runs tasks in standalone containers in the cloud. Anybody have any tutorials I can follow?
@coopey well... happens.

Also, get reddit++ and adblockers. Do not see ads.
Is there a previously undiscovered wellspring of non-fiction book summaries out there? Why are so many non-fiction book summaries apps/startups popping up out of nowhere?? Makes no sense to have so many with the exact same offering and no differenciation.

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