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Shiny is better.

Ok I just went from macOS Catalina to Monterey and... what is this? Why does it look like this? Who approved this look?

Eh. Back to work.
I like macOS' take on password input... "Oh, you got your 16 char password wrong at possibly the 12th char? No worries, jUsT sTarT aGaIN! No plaintext!" :D
@33MHz I found it pathetic that at one point they added a "feature" to the normal app to make it eligible for Amazon Smile, but only if you enable mind-numbing notifications and "re-enable" the feature every couple of weeks #idiots @theprawn @muncman
@muncman I made it into a homescreen icon which opens as a standalone webapp. Too easy... if Amazon only wanted to support the "product".
// @theprawn @33MHz
I find it a little irritating that in iOS, the app gets to decide which keyboards are allowed and which features of the default keyboard is blocked. IT’S MY PHONE DAMMIT!
@33MHz this blows! I use Smile exclusively on mobile...
@33MHz twins?! Congrats! May the force be with you! I am dead tired with just one little one, I shudder to think how you'll handle two!
I see a trend - services that show ads have horrid web apps that push you to use their native apps. Services that don’t show ads have exceptional web apps, sometimes to the detriment of their native apps.
I'm looking for other photo blogs like lichtyears.com to add to my RSS feeds list. Got any suggestions?
Watched a couple episodes of Cobra Kai on YouTube today and it seems to send the message that privilege breeds tyranny.
I’m very tempted to start a sideblog to shitpost the wallpaper of the day which randomly comes from Unsplash. But is it worth my time?
@Eyes here's an example I found of a host charging for node access - https://opencollective.com/socialcoop

registration form - https://wiki.social.coop/registration-form.html
@kyle good point! @33MHz
@33MHz "lose weight" :D :D
@kyle you mean did something different, last year? :D @33MHz
@Eyes I've seen admins talk about hosting costs and moderation costs and I believe some already charge their users for the privilege of being on their server.
@Eyes community servers don't make sense if only one person is bearing the cost. Nice.social and Pnut for example, seem to have one person spending all the money to keep the lights on and this doesn't work long term. (Am I wrong?)
@33MHz @jcoder @thedoctor @schmidt_fu @manx @mlv

I'd be tempted to go for "New Years Resolutions", but how about "New Years No-solutions"? Things you can't stop doing? Things you're addicted to?

Or, just the word - "addiction".
It takes a minute (or 5) but moa.party totally x-posts from twitter to mastodon. Yay! I don't have to deal with the mastodon API now!
Is someone maintaining a list of mastodon servers by pricing? All I see are servers by interest.

You gave up too much to turn back now.