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@joe I haven't really stressed it yet but it feels fast and responsive.
@33MHz I have the Gemini PDA and it’s pretty decent but it’s their older device they haven’t kept up with it. The commercial Sailfish OSX works nicely but ultimately not worth the price at this point.
My current toy, Cosmo Communicator running Ubuntu Touch.
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Big keyboard is big. But nice and clicky. I recently got a Cosmo Communicator and put Ubuntu Touch on it. It's working out rather nicely as my Linux phone so far. 😀
@33MHz @doctorlinguist @streakmachine @joe I found some loose change in my backpack the other day if that helps? It might add up to a dollar.
Well Mozilla managed to make Firefox officially crapware in my mind now. Sigh.
Just need to get through the next two days of work and then I'll get my
3 day weekend. :)

@33MHz @ravisorg @ryantharp @jdscolam @kosso @kabuku Sell light bulbs? 💡
@33MHz If only…
@kyle I had briefly considered something like the Mudita but ultimately decided what I want and prefer is to have a Linux smartphone rather than an feature phone.
@joe See: https://fxtec.com/pro1x Essentially phone with a slide out keyboard and will ship with either Android or Ubuntu Touch installed.
@33MHz James in the all things tech room did that and generally seems happy with it.
@33MHz Yeah their next iteration of keyboard goodness. With your choice of OS no less.
What should be my next phone?
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Doubt: What should be my next phone?

  • Librem 5
  • F(x)tec Pro1 X
  • BOTH!
  • Why not Zoidberg?
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Feel free to reply or join my dev chat room https://patter.chat/85 or https://thrrgilag.net/chat/dev for links.
I'm still working on a spiritual successor to #goober for mobile and desktop Linux. I've done at least one conecept using python and gtk. I'm going to cook up a few more using different UI frameworks (qt, efl, fyne). I'm open to more suggestions.
@33MHz I gotta say I’m pleasantly surprised by that.
@33MHz that reminds me, I think there may be a LE cert that is expiring soon that might cause an issue for bb10. I should look into that.

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