@thrrgilag to my business associates, but you can call me Morgan McMillian.

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@kyle which software did you use out of curiosity?
@33MHz yeah I think it’s going to be more of a challenge finding some of the software from those days.
I have the sudden desire to spin up a dos based #bbs like I used to access in my youth. I wonder if that’s possible these days.
Moved the younger child into the dorm this weekend for the start of university. I already miss them. 😢
@thedoctor yes I did. I’m a few episodes in now. 😀
@bazbt3 I was just looking for a channel in which the owner account was deleted and causes the bug to surface. I could probably find one through trial and error but was hoping you had an example handy. @33MHz
Thinking it's just about time for me to dust off PHP and start hacking on a #pnut addon for #Friendica. Maybe later today after I get work done for the day job.
@PhoneBoy I've been using it as my main distro again for the last couple of years and it's been rock solid. Earlier this year I switched to the immutable release and will probably stay on that for the foreseeable future.
@Wife lol, I do tend to speak in code at times. 😜 @33mhz
Time to kick the tires with a Fedora 39 beta VM.
@33MHz @bazbt3 do either of you have a channel handy to produce https://github.com/bazbt3/PigPen/issues/48 / https://github.com/pnut-api/PNUTpy/issues/17 ? Should be a simple enough fix, just want to validate it.
Got my blood donation in today.
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@33MHz the computer beckons
@33MHz I see you noted the bug already, kinda had a suspicion when I looked at @bazbt3 's issue.
I’m tempted to buy yet another keyboard. This time looking at that Logitech MX mechanical mini. Basically looking for something portable that won’t wreck my hands. Anyone have experience with that one?
My employer is still dragging their feet on getting me a desk in the downtown office. So I'm giving co-working space a try and so far I'm kinda digging it. Gets me out of the apartment and I get to be around other people in a professional setting again.
Hello Seattle. Good to be home.
Journey home. OSL ✈️ SEA
Of course the scenery is pretty awesome as well. 😁
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One of the things I enjoy traveling is sampling the local brew.
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You gave up too much to turn back now.