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@33MHz perhaps your befaults are messed up?
@joe yeah I had some database corruption as well as my backups. Not sure if it was a bug or some bad maintainence routines on my part. Either way I didn't have the energey to try and fix it so I just moved to another instance. #lazyadmin
I managed to get through all the Monday cruft I had on my agenda today. Need to turn my brain off for a couple of hours.
I made it through my Monday morning meeting marathon. Now to slug through the mountain of paper work before doing my manditory training. If I'm lucky I might be able to touch some code later. πŸ˜”οΈ
@33MHz forunatly in this case with my pleroma server, it served no real importance other than just another microblog channel for me. I've bounced around the fediverse for years so my some of my followers are used to it.
A new volunteer appeared in your yard. I hadn't noticed until this
morning when doing cleanup.

cookie jar (i)
New fediverse profile setup at https://fosstodon.org/@thrrgilag. At least until I decide if I resurect my self-hosted one or not.
I think I'll try going back to one of the public hosted mastodon instances for a while. I can probably stand to have one less thing running on my personal servers these days.
Bah, I think I borked up my activitypub server. I wonder if I should try to unbork it, setup something new, or just scrap the self-hosted go back to using one of the other instances I used in the past.
@evefavretto yeah I believe it's an Android APK. That was the begining of BlackBerry's whole shift to Android apps and phasing out their own platform as I recall.
In order to install this patch, you must first patch the patch tool.
If you include a README.txt file in an archive that simply says to look at the README.html file, you are doing it wrong.
@Streakmachine ah but what topic would actually be "on topic"?
Is it possilbe to be offtopic in an offtopic channel? πŸ€”οΈ
@bmlzootown mine seems to be stuck at 5am, so if you find one let me know.
@33MHz 🍺!!!

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