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Wife (passed by manx)
"Did you get it?"

"Yeah, bit bloody though"

"You were supposed to just grab it and leave, what'd you mean bloody?"


"Thumbdrive! I said take his thumbDRIVE!! DRIVE! IDIOT!"

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With a final glance before she walked out of the bank she saw the man plug the thumb drive into the computer. With a smile she picked up her mobile, called and said - Ulysses has left the building. #wedc #wednesdaychallenge
@33MHz Ok, I’ll try to give you a thumb at least. Law was hard, but I did manage a post eventually.
– It’s the law, he said and fell silent.
We stared on each other for a long while, and I struggled to look confident. But my mind was in overdrive. Constantly thinking out ways to react and rejecting them at the same speed.

What was he thinking?

@33MHz I felt for it :)
–What do you see? Said the old Sami hunter.
No! Is it good for hunting, easy to ski on? Can the reindeer find food under it? Is it gentle or dangerous? Deep or shallow?
–I don't know.
–Now look closely and be the snow!
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Wife (passed by manx)
Grey. Just grey. Sky, street, branches, all uniformly dull, matching his mood.
Jack sighed and pulled his eyes from the window and back to the textbook. The chalk squeaked, the teacher droned.
In his periphery, a single flash of white. Snow!
33MHz (passed by manx)
"It has to have a nose."
"But it has no eyes!"
"Make it bigger"
"He looks angry."
"We're running out of snow."
–Yes! Wood and matches!
Gary fumbled with cold and numb hands, but managed to get a fire going in the wood stove. Pat and Gary huddled shivering around the stove, but relaxed as they got warmer.
–Now if only the snow could stop...
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@33MHz A good one (and January worthy) but seems like it didn’t spark any posts.
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They were all there. All thirteen waiting in the lush marble garden, trying to stay cool in the sun. Camorra, 'Ndragheta, Triad, Yakuza and several more. Waiting. Finally, a butler came out, struck the gong and said - Gentlemen it’s time to play!
It’s never too late...
– Shhh, could you hear that?
– No...
– There it was again!
– Yeah...
– Hey wait, it’s getting...
– Closer....
– We must get out...

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@unixb0y Yes, working
@33MHz Well it works as breakfast also :)
@33MHz Think it’s time for pizza!
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@larand Sad news. We had quite a few chats.
@33MHz :)
– Feng shui?!
What the hell was he thinking about? Would he really risk everything...for superstition?
Real forces like wind and water I can understand but not that, she thought.
And tossed the book into the fire together with the gift wrapping.

You gave up too much to turn back now.