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Simple man with wonderful wife, 2 teen daughters | Mollie cat's food provider, Ruby dog's chew toy | Asks silly questions | Socially unreliable | Cleveland Browns fan

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"The family is one of nature’s masterpieces".
–George Santayana
@bayprogrammer Thanks. I was last a regular here 5 years ago 😬 - both an age ago and the blink of an eye. Great to see familiar people again!
@bayprogrammer Thanks for the weekend greeting earlier today :) and for following me a bit later.
@bazbt3 "minthly"? :)
A few years ago I bought a used iphone XS and it's served me really well. Thr minthly payments for an iPhone 15, 5 years newer, were £1 more than my now-expired credit agreement. Sure there's interest fees but... 🤔
@bazbt3 Well, Pigpen app's reply formatting still seems to work as intended. Which is nice. :)
/@33MHz @jeremy
@33MHz Thankyou, good to know! Followed too.
Hmmm… it's our wedding anniversary this week.

17th Anniversary Gemstone: Carnelian:

"… an orange-red stone that signifies endurance and is an energy booster, protecting the relationship from bad vibrations."

Sounds good. I'd better get a move on then!
@33MHz Not a cartoon but I just checked in on xkcd again, a few weeks after finishing viewing every post.

Autumn & Fall:

Today is the Autumnal/Fall Equinox. I had no idea. :)
@thrrgilag Ignore me, especially the channel number, I thought I knew what I was looking at but quite obviously do not. :)
@thrrgilag @thrrgilag Ok. Querying my channel 1063 breaks Pigpen. Sorry, I messed up my attempted reply.
@thrrgilag thrrgilag Ok. Querying my channel 77 breaks Pigpen.
@33MHz @thrrgilag I missed this. What do you wish me to do? I used to broadcast ThemeMonday notifications from 1035, but is that what you're asking for though?
@bazbt3 #StellaCat update 2: It's great to observe a newcomer to out family, though we've no plans to permanently adopt her or her kittens. Yet.
@bazbt3 #StellaCat update: She tends to eat her biscuits first, then the jelly off the pouch food, and only when we stay with her, the meat.
@bazbt3 #StellaCat recap 3: She seems to be quite adaptable, possibly due to being the product of a human-broken home, but she's not skittish at all.
@bazbt3 #StellaCat recap 2: She arrived with a litter tray, food, a bed, blankets, and the medication she'll need. And a sweet personality. :)
#StellaCat recap: We temporarily adopted a pregnant cat from the local animal shelter. She arrived on Sunday.
Guacamole with jalapeños and red peppers. A bona-fide example of the sum of the parts being yummier than the parts. Or something. *dribbles*

You gave up too much to turn back now.