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@33MHz … pick it up on your way to work?
For my fellow ADN Refugees — Aaron Kulbes (akulbes) is in ICU on a ventilator with COVID and related pneumonia. He's self-employed, so isn't making money while he is sick. Keep them in your prayers. there is a GoFundMe [gofundme.com] if you are so inclined.
@33MHz @muncman isnt Ha Ha Tonka the name of a Missouri town?
@Kabuku yes.. Here is a fairly recent pic.
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House sold officially today! Deposited the check and closed the mortage.

New house will hopefully be done in July!
@33MHz OmniGraffle if you can get it. The only graphing app that doesn't make me want to drop-kick my laptop

If you just want a Seq Diagram, https://www.websequencediagrams.com/ is hard to beat
Been having problems with Firefox on BigSur this morning (the Big Sur upgrade is fresh). That is causing me to use Safari and there is a lot to like there.
New House [mike.hostetlerhome.com]
@joe I didn't know the original has been out long enough for a "Remaster" but it is a good story game
@thedoctor I'm more or less have the same opinion. Most of what Java the language is doing is catching up to other langs, sometimes poorly (streams have a horrid syntax compared to LINQ in C#). But hey, it pays. // @schmonz @33MHz
@schmonz @33MHz I haven't met anyone using many features after Java8. I mean, modules etc are mostly for vendor libs not necessarily for app dev.

But I'm still interesting in watching the video.
@schmonz Interview candidates lately, a surprising number of them say "I haven't used much of the new stuff in Java8 yet".

Um, Java8 isn't new.

@muncman I always blame the French for such oddities in the English language
Happy Monday, one and all.

Will be approaching 80 the next 2 days, and snow this weekend. So Monday will be better than the coming weekend.
@33MHz signed a purchase agreement last night... So sold!
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Our house is going up on the market today. It's a bit strange but exciting too.

(we are building a new house. Failure to sell the old one first is not an option)
Me: Any surprises installing the water heater?
Plumber: besides it's was a bitch? No.

@33MHz @optimisticotter Is that Velveeta? because that's not actually cheese
This demo has turned into an architect telling us what we should be working on.

You gave up too much to turn back now.