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Not all heroes wear capes... but @hutattedonmyarm definitely deserves one.

Thank you so much for translating my app to German, Max. Such a generous gesture, and fantastic work.

I hope I can properly thank you one day. I owe you big time. β˜ΊοΈπŸ™πŸ»

@joanna You can do a long-tap on events in the Events tab if you prefer that to the swipe-right gesture. You can also swipe-right on the category in the Today tab to delete the last event added to this this category on that day. /@ccp @streakmachine
Switching back and forth between App Store and TestFlight is not an issue because all your Log A Day data is backed up in iCloud (if your device is connected to your iCloud account of course, if not then nothing is backed up!!).
@ccp Hi Craig. I understand. I will find a way so solve this. :) Also the +1 is only in the beta, you can switch to the appstore version if you don't want that feature at the moment. And 1.1.32 will solve this issue (I haven't decided how yet, but it will)
@ludolphus Ahah :)
@ludolphus Same thoughts here. Parents are from 40's but I remember grandparents talking to us about it, and would never have imagined experiencing it too one day (of course not the same, it's not war, but still it's curfew and restrictions).
@ludolphus Some. None like restaurants/cinemas, only the "essential" ones - which led of course to endless arguing about who's essential and who's not... But you're right, many have reopened recently.
@ludolphus Curfew at 18:00 here in France. Very hard to accomplish anything for those who don't live in town. Everybody feels "paralyzed". :/
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TGIF y'all!
There's 2200 words in the app (but many sentences are variations of the same) and I can't afford any expense at the moment, but this is interesting to know.
Looking at translations services for translating Log A Day. Pricings are rather disparate (from $0.06/word to $0.30/word)...
@prometheus The act of logging is not natural for me, I have to remind myself to do it. But I do it a lot, because I know that later I will absolutely *love* seeing and analyzing the logs. Short-term mild inconvenience -> long-term awesomeness. :) @Andrew
I've submitted Log A Day 1.1.31 to App Review. In this update you will be able to tap on widgets to add events. There's also a few minor bugfixes.
@33MHz Nice one. 😊 Zeugma and syllepsis for the win!
Well... one month of work prior to making the videos, he says. Hehe. Still... very impressive series of tutorials.
This guys codes a NES emulator in like four hours and explains everything. Mindblowing.


link [youtube.com]
@33MHz @andrew @papierzeit Only 4$!! Impressive. I love my Pi4, but I'm mostly using it for retrogaming, although I dream of finding the time to tinker with it, and this thing could be the entry door...
@Andrew Thanks! Yes, I first built an app like this for me and a friend more than a year ago, we wanted to reliably know the number and frequency of occurences of specific events. Then we saw it had potential and I started making a "pro" version of it.
Looks like my app [itunes.apple.com] is off to a good start. Lots of positive feedback. Feels good! And is a great motivator to continue working on it and improve things.
Log A Day for iOS [itunes.apple.com] has been approved by Apple App Review, yay!

Still too early to get it from most places though, we have to wait up to 24h so that all the servers are synced.

I'm so relieved, feels really good!

You gave up too much to turn back now. ⇄