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"I, a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe."
(Richard Feynman)

I make @apero, macOS pnut client.

Shiny is better. ⇄

Watching old Sherlock Holmes movies from the 39-45 era. Basil Rathbone is a fantastic Holmes and Nigel Bruce is a clumsy Watson, both great actors. These movies are so fun, fast paced, never boring.
That was great. Love the sound of his modular synth.
My friend Maison Dieu is live now

@shawn Is this Huey? So cute!
Gaby was very playful and happy today. I am blessed to have her in the house. 😻
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@33MHz Yeah she's adorable. And day after day she's less and less afraid of things. I'm very happy that I could help her, and even more delighted that she seems to have decided to stick with me. :)
...she's been living here since then and I'm in love. I think she likes it too, she's playful now. I'll bring her to the vet next week to see if she has an ID and if not, I guess she's my new companion. We'll see!
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Three weeks ago this sweet young lady came to my house, covered in mud, extremely thin, barely able to move and meow. I made her a bed inside, left the patio door opened at all times, and started giving her food and attention everyday, and now...
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@33MHz I highly recommend The Wolf's Call, and I also liked Saint Maud. And I've rediscovered Looker. And a few others, I've made a letterboxd list [boxd.it].
We get to enjoy @brian and @kyle's lovely faces, up on the wall [pnut.io] now! Thanks always to @bgr43_.πŸ––

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@pnut omg omg this is incredible! Amazing! Nice work Greg! Thank you Robert ☺️ @thrrgilag @jdscolam @ludolphus @shawn @joanna @po @jvimedia @papierzeit @jws @hutattedonmyarm
With only one hand, Steve Vai plays guitar [youtube.com] levels of magnitude better than 99.99% of two-handed guitarists. He's such an adorable alien.
@33MHz I also play games that are in the same spirit. Dungeon Keeper of course, also Terraria, and other sandbox-typed games - with a preference for KeeperRL, which is a rogue-lite + dungeon master, kinda. Which ones do you play?
Been playing Dwarf Fortress... All I can say is: it's awesome and terrible at the same time. It's insanely deep and complex, the graphics are horrendous, the UX abysmal, the gameplay is punishing: yet, it's incredibly fun and addictive. Absolutely perfect!
@Kabuku @Streakmachine Well, you made me look. 😁 But no, not really possible with the Pico8. That would have been a fun hackathon though!
@Streakmachine Its limitations are its strengths, I mean the console is weak and powerful at the same time, it's really fun to code within such defined and peculiar specs. You can't make a big game, so you have to make a *tight* game. Great concept.
Surprisingly, although we can type the code in an external editor with auto-save then switch to the pico-8 to run it, it's a better experience to code directly into the tiny pico-8 window and its tiny font.
Pico-8 Fantasy Console [lexaloffle.com] is really fun. I feel like I'm coding on a C64 from a parallel universe. Sprites! Maps! Peek&Poke! So cool.
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@Kabuku @apero Yeah this is rather interesting, probably a bug in the resizing code (image is normal in the profile). It's pretty indeed πŸ˜…. Apero's code is too old (Swift 2), I can't even open the project with current tools. Never gonna be fixed. Sorry!
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Can confirm Apero 1.17 works just fine in macOS Monterey on my 2015 MacBook Pro.

Oh, and hi, everyone. Sorry I haven't been around and paying attention. Busy with a new career.

Hope everyone is doing well!

You gave up too much to turn back now. ⇄