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The official pnut.io account. For help, E-mail support@pnut.io. Follow @pnutapi for API updates. #pnut

Building tomorrow... today!

Shiny is better.

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Saturday, in the morning US Central time, version 1.0 of the Pnut API will be released. There will likely be 30-45 minutes of down time!
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Looks like September 19th will be our next hackathon! @ravisorg @griff @fam @dasdom @jdscolam @bayprogrammer @shawn @mcdemarco @thedan84 @kwood @thrrgilag @sloanb @blumenkraft @ericd @ludolphus @unixb0y @hutattedonmyarm @rafaelcosta
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From forum hacking space

If you use E-mail notifications, you can now get "chat room" E-mail notifications just like you get PM notifications.

Go to notifications [pnut.io] and check "Chat Rooms".
Kudos and thanks to @xyz, @ericd, @hutattedonmyarm, and @akr for translating the Pnut.io account management area into Japanese, French, and German! 🙇
Happy New Year, everyone!

Take a brief look with us at how the network is doing, three and a half years in. [pnut.io]
Thanks for three great years of community, folks! 🎂

Today we're going to kick off a campaign to support Unicode and adopt our beloved 🥜 emoji. Chip in if you can and want. Let's make it happen!

💰🔜 gofundme.com
Growing pnuts uses 1/17th the water that growing twitter uses.
#ecoconscious #growpnuts
The API has been updated! This is a small release with improvements to polls, channel search, and some other dev-friendly improvements.

Note we will have to rewrite the pnut.io site translations, so they will be English for a bit.
Our maintenance window is approaching soon. Pnut will go down for a while while we change hardware. Thanks, everyone! 🔧
@jacobrealo Maintenance windows have been added to status.pnut.io, so it should indicate that as the reason for the downtime, but we won't have a replacement front page explaining it, unfortunately. Something to add for the future!
Tomorrow, Monday, we will be undergoing some maintenance swapping out old hardware, and the whole service will be down. Exact timing isn't known - some time in the American morning, hopefully for 2 hours. Stay tuned!
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Let's plan another #hackathon on Pnut!
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Doubt: What is your preferred day/weekend for a hackathon?

  • August 3
  • August 17
  • August 24
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The API was just updated to give more flexibility to voting for polls, stickying messages, and a handful of other small improvements. Happy Sunday! 🐢
Just in time for the new year, we pushed the latest update [pnut.io] to the API today!

If you're an existing developer, your annual fee is gone. Enjoy this self-reflective holiday. 🎉
@jacobrealo For new features, yes. E.g., with this update, clients could allow users to update their Badge from within the client. They'll have to implement that feature, though.
@jacobrealo An update rolls out immediately for all clients - is that what you mean?
We've just updated the API [pnut.io] - this is a small update, but a number of performance improvements.

Thanks for hanging on for the ride!
@tjh @keage Thank you for being part of the community!
Monday is our 2nd anniversary!

And #ThemeMonday!

And the #MondayNightDanceParty!! 🎆😎
#Pnut turns 2 years old on September 10th!

You gave up too much to turn back now.