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Shiny is better.

First day back in the hospital that did not require staff to wear masks at the bedside. Feels weird after three years of masking.
@33MHz I think the 10 gm cefazolin might be a typo intended to be 1 gm. Did they do general anesthesia (put you to sleep and use a breathing tube) or conscious sedation (twilight medication so you don’t remember anything but breathe on your own)?
@33MHz medications they gave in pre-op and for your surgery?
@ryb new Mac Pro? Or was it the studio Mac? Either way that’s very expensive
No #MondayNightDanceParty tonight :(

Tune in next week for a heckuva show though!
What's new in iOS 17? FaceTime "voicemail" (for lack of a more suitable term) seems fun. Check-in on messages sounds like a nice safety feature. All emoji are now stickers though? Does that mean they are all stick size like Discord?
The new 15" MacBook Air definitely has my attention! @po @joe
@joe Saved this! Thanks for sharing.
joe (passed by thedoctor)
For those who missed it, the App.net archive is live. [manton.org]

44+ million posts, hosted by the micro.blog service.
@po I am still using my 2015 MBP. The battery is still gets me thruogh daily use, so I am hesitant to upgrade. Did you read up on the new M2 MBA announced at WWDC?
@theprawn seems appropriate. 42 is THE answer to life’s question after all! Happy birthday to you!
@Wife that's actually a nice pattern! Is enough of it intact under the current wall to save?
@PhoneBoy it is an amazing dram!
@kyle late follow-up but how was this one? I am always torn on ryes. @33MHz @wife @jdscolam
Celebrated the start of year 30 with something that is also 30 years old. And what an amazing three decades they have been!! #cheersClub
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The custom katana showed up, it's even nicer than I thought it would be. nomad.wntrmute.net
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@mandy are you interested? Works for a variety of MacBooks.
@joe that sounds like a very Doctorow term haha!
Selling my TwelveSouth hi-rise stand for MacBook / laptop. In great condition and comes with original box. Make an offer. https://twelvesouth.com/products/hirise-for-MacBook
@Darkhawk idk about a perfect 10. More like a 5/7!! :p #MondayNightDanceParty
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