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@papierzeit you can never have too many books!
Return of the Magsafe and so much more! Mac moving in a direction I agree with. Now if only they'd dump those stupid square icons on MacOS. Apple's MacBook revival plan is stupid smart: Bring back old features [inputmag.com]
Just need to stay awake until 15:00. Try and watch some of the Packer game when I get home. Then inevitably fall asleep during the game.
@ericd this is the way!
@Kabuku happy birthday! Anything fun planned (or done)?
@prometheus @33MHz @ludolphus regarding the Parler SSN bit, I've discovered that you only needed an email and telephone number to register. You could upload a government-issued ID to become verified. The SSN was only necessary to became an influencer.
@33MHz I don't think @ludolphus and I disagree per se. My dad was a history teacher for 30+ years and I just love a good discussion about the US Constitution. Maybe others feel differently than me. It is good to be exposed to views that oppose yours.
@ludolphus @mandy @33MHz @joe …install actors within the government that support the US foreign policy agenda. Not saying I necessarily agree with that action, but Arab Springs would hardly be the first occurence of it.
@ludolphus @mandy @33MHz @joe in regard to the US being ok with the actions taken by those governments, that is as much a US pasttime as baseball or apple pie. Look at South America or the middle east. In these regions, the US will frequently support or…
@ludolphus @mandy @33MHz @joe so if Congress managed to pass a law mandating Parler or WhatsApp be taken down, due to a view the government does not agree with being expressed on that site, that would be illegal.
@ludolphus @mandy @33MHz @joe… "or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
@ludolphus @mandy @33MHz @joe "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;"
@ludolphus @mandy @33MHz @joe …media platform from their services. Contrary to the belief of many, the First Amendment only prohibits the government (at any level) from restricting your free speech. Reading the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights states
@ludolphus @mandy @33MHz @joe …then it would be a violation of our First Amendment right because the Egyptian government shut down those social media platforms. The difference in the case with Parler is AWS, Google, etc (ie companies) removed the social…
@ludolphus it is interesting you bring up Arab Spring. I do not know what, if any, free speech protections, those countries in the middle east have. If we theoretically applied the US Constitution to Arab Spring… @mandy @33MHz @joe
@ludolphus @33MHz @joe @Mandy ... Don't agree with their terms, you are free to stop using the provided service.
@ludolphus @33MHz @joe @mandy so that's the deal about using services like Twitter, Facebook, etc. You are always bound to the terms of service. So if they feel you violate their ToS, they can kick you off the platform. In the same vein, if you...
@ludolphus @33MHz @joe @mandy one of those rhetorics is an aggressive financial plan (that I don't agree with) and the other is terrorism and a severe blow to our democracy
@ludolphus @33MHz @joe @mandy I would tend to agree except right now the far left is talking about student loan forgiveness for all, whereas the far right is about abducting and/or killing dually elected government representatives.
@mandy @ludolphus @33MHz @joe I don't really think their is an apples to oranges comparison here, other than agreeing that terrorists and pedophiles are both rotten fruits and we shouldn't be involved with either group.

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