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A Canadian dancing with Saarländisches Staatstheater and a self taught iOS developer when I get the time. Currently writing a new version of @prose for pnut.io

Shiny is better.

Moved in to the new place. It's amazing, even though everything is still in boxes
@Kabuku @33MHz mmmm bacon, mushroom, onion and pesto is a tasty go to for me these days.
@Kabuku I have all the ingredients except red wine vinegar. I’m hoping to pick some up from the fancy shop near work tomorrow. I did get some goat cheese feta though, had some in addition to a quiche I made.

Do you use red wine vinegar?
@Kabuku mmmmm feta. I haven’t had that in a while. On the list for Monday
@Kabuku know any recipes or good combinations for salads? Sadly, I’m not a huge connoisseur of them myself.
@Kabuku thanks man. That’s what I was going for. Fun fact: it’s my dead Christmas tree from 2018… I was too lazy to put it out for collection
@Kabuku hahaha. Thanks for the tips, I’ve got the stretching covered cause dance and stuff but it’s good to know my inclination towards more carbs is a good one.
@Kabuku texture and lines! My favourite stuff. This last one I took was beautiful in full color but I really love the smoothness of the flames, normally that would be drowned out by the vibrant oranges.
cookie jar (i)
@Kabuku wow that’s impressive, I think a marathon might be to much for me. I did do long distance cross country in elementary school, but then went a different route when I started dancing. It’s super therapeutic though
@Kabuku damn, it’s like 6+ years of square B&W photos. I did it to low key annoy a friend of mine and it stuck hahaha
I can’t remember if I’ve asked this here before, but any Volbeat [music.apple.com] fans out there?
@Kabuku evening walks are great, I need to take more of them. Though, I’ve been running a lot in the past three weeks and it’s been a game changer
@Kabuku Im sorry about Thailand. I hope you’re safe in the US, the news about some states has been troubling recently.

Also, love the B&W photography. On that note, may I introduce you to a hobby of mine [instagram.com]
@Kabuku thanks man. I too have a boat load of skepticism, but ya I’ve been handling things better with some deadlines. Exercising and a small dose of work has helped a lot too.

What’s been keeping you busy lately?
How is everyone doing?
I took a break from posting for a while. I got really sad and anxious but I’m doing better these days.
@33MHz There’s a lot of new SwiftUI views and APIs. For example TextEditor, LazyVStack, and ScrollViewProxy have caught my attention but the session videos don’t really go into detail. So… documentation spelunking has been scheduled for this weekend
@33MHz I’ve been busy with work and moving apartments but I’ve also managed to watch some session videos related to SwiftUI and new UICollectionView advancements. They really went for it in a few areas and I’m super excited to try some things out.
It's a weird time in my life, I found myself watching and enjoying a live game of Smash Bros on Youtube. Weird indeed.
Anyone know of a good book or resource to get someone started on the basics of HTML and CSS? I got started with Objective-C with a Big Nerd Ranch book, maybe there’s something like that for web development?

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