@shawn to my business associates, but you can call me Shawn Throop.

The Facts

Listen to the gossip.

A Canadian idiot dancing with Saarländisches Staatstheater. When I manage my time right, I double as a self taught iOS developer.

Shiny is better.

Weekend project: wrapping SentencePiece (a C++ library) as a Swift Package.
Anyone using Arc [arc.net]? The mobile app is the real gem though, the best mobile tab UI. Also, the first time I've used useful AI backed features (and not wanted to hurl).
Glad that drama is over though, everything is booked now.
Before a $75 pet fee...
Hotel prices are wild in Toronto. Non-VAT prices are not helpful. Listed price as $192 but somehow I pay $500 for two nights. Who taught you math?
@habanero it was pretty wild. When I asked if there was anyone in tech support that could help me, she replied "we don't have a tech support department." Dante really should take notes.

She ended with "quick, before the prices go up!"
On the phone with Air Canada, its not going well. Login is impossible, the 2-Factor boots you out of the code submission form before the email arrives in your inbox (20+ minutes late). Need to be logged in to add a phone alternative for the code receiving.
@habanero @ccp I’ve heard people disparage it as hokey/homeopathic but it has benefits, increasing blood flow is a major way of helping the body do its own thing (recovery 👌)

In the dance world I’ve heard only bits about Wim Hof, all pretty bonkers!
@blumenkraft @ccp between this and mid-winter Lüften, I feel Germans have a thing for randomly making things cold.

Also, I think I’ve walked past one of these in my area. I didn’t know it also had a name, Kneipp
I need a Stanley Tucci supercut, but of just anything he’s done
I've managed to simplify things into some protocols. As usual, probably thinking it through a bit too much
Sunday spelunking: experimented with more raw memory/pointers and extracting css from a dictionary file [github.com].

Side note - there must to be a way to debug python besides print statements, right?
The playground by the Theater is submerged in about a meter of water… it’s pretty wild. Normally that’s sand, grass, benches and a ping pong table. The water in total is probably up at least 2 meters
cookie jar (i)
The Leftovers is probably my favourite show, but trailers and clips must look like complete insanity to people who haven’t seen the show.
@33MHz I need a me reset today lol
I’m adding UnsafeMutablePeople to my list of silly but enticing possible company names
In the end, URL parsing screwed me. Learned a lot along the way though lol
I’ve been working with some C APIs in Swift and I thought they were busted in Playgrounds for iPad. Turns out I was running into a “No such file or directory” error but thought nothing of it because the code is just 1 (and I didn’t read thoroughly enough).
I missed my MNDP alarm again, just one week I want to not be exhausted on Monday night… sigh, I did do this to myself
I think I finally now understand Endianness, turns out a visual aid helped. Whodathunk?

You gave up too much to turn back now.