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A Canadian dancing with Saarländisches Staatstheater and a self taught iOS developer when I get the time.

Shiny is better.

@33MHz it is pretty plush hahaha.

The other day I was in the pet store and saw some burrows in the cats section. If he likes this portable one I think I might get him one for the house
@ludolphus ooooh dats a good one
...until he had a bad reaction to something (I'm guessing the bone) and his mouth started foaming a bit. A natural reaction that's happened a few times when he tries new things
Huey's travel carrier came today, he grabbed a new bone and took it inside within minutes. Like most things he does, it was very cute
It seems the final boss in my adventures is fast scrolling. This happens when tapping the status bar or using the scroll indicators. The underlying UIScrollView’s contentOffset is updated so quickly that SwiftUI’s view cycle is overloaded and hangs.
Having my mini time shifted #hackathon this morning. I made some solid progress using some new ideas to hopefully cause less view updates.

Having failed so much, my preparation and tests are keeping me optimistic.
@33MHz I've been tinkering this whole week in preparation. I'm busy tonight but I'm jumping in tomorrow morning. I'm taking another swing at that scroll view thing I've been struggling to crack using SwiftUI.
In his sack he becomes a dog alert system. Whenever his back feet start squirming about there's a 90% chance another dog is afoot, 10% it was just kids.

Also, he pulls my hair
I recently bought a clever little dog backpack [k9sportsack.com] and its the funniest thing I've ever worn in public (not counting performances, that stuffs on another level). I've managed a couple trips this week and despite being a bit chilly, I think he really likes it
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@33MHz its a bit cliché to say but the sun is super helpful, here's hoping next week's forecast is wrong, but in a good way ;)
@33MHz I feel ya. Thankfully I have a kind of 4 day weekend. I'm super glad the weather is turning around just in time
@33MHz here, Saturday and Sunday are still chilly but finally without rain. The weather has been abysmal, cold and with cheeky patches of sunshine. Gonna take the little guy for a big bike ride when it gets a bit warmer
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@33MHz hahaha he was bad last night, but I give him a pass when he gets as excited as he was.
I'm looking through some of Apple's UIKit sample code today. I'm still struggling to make some things using SwiftUI but man do I prefer the declarative approach over the sprawling UIViewControllers with dangerously cavalier state management.
I have become the keeper of too many pet photos, here’s a good one though.
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For a long time Huey would prefer not to sit on my lap. Now that he is again, I feel a little trapped next to a loud washing machine and an empty coffee mug.

Thankfully the washer’s rinse cycle might give me an out
@33MHz Also, I read through some of the changes in v1. Lots of great stuff. Nice work man
@33MHz haha actually the system I made was more to separate the storage and the en/deciding to Swift types. For me it’s a trivial change

Plus, v1.0 is actually a bit easier to interface with, so kudos and thanks
@33MHz oh dear, I’m bad at responding. Sorry.
I believe back then I was working on my JSONValue package. It’s the underlying stuff that will power Raw objects, specifically the JSONValueKey protocol [github.com]

You gave up too much to turn back now.