@shawn to my business associates, but you can call me Shawn Throop.

The Facts

Listen to the gossip.

A Canadian dancing with Saarländisches Staatstheater and a self taught iOS developer when I get the time.

Shiny is better.

The main preferences and authentication interface was a great playground to find the best architecture. I moved on to the compose view after and as of this afternoon I have a basic editor and drafts interface. #prosedev
Over the last few weeks I’ve taken my time to experiment with different app architectures. Using reducers was a phase, now I’m swinging back to pure SwiftUI conventions that use simpler StateObject/EnvironmentObject relationship.
Apple Photo widgets recommending photos under the title “At the Show” because they were taken in a theater, aka my workplace hahaha. It did pick out photos we took after a big premiere so may it’s not so simple minded.
@33MHz speaking from experience, I will be forever grateful to my group for prioritizing being a safe space over a friendly one even if I didn’t know it at the time. We let each other all be weird, helped me find more of myself
Thinking about it, I should have been more focused on building apps instead of abstractions. Also, what an abundance of riches we have today.
While cleaning out old Playgrounds, it’s fun to look back on old code and the old problems I was trying to solve: stacked UIViews, UIView/Button styling, queue. All solved by recent Swift enhancements or frameworks
I did try to consolidate some logic into a protocol and Swift started to throw the oddest of tantrums. It appears like Swift’s concurrency features mix better with pure functions than protocols at the moment.
I’ve been experimenting with unidirectional reducers/view models [swiftwithmajid.com] and I’m finding them extremely helpful. Normally, I find reactive frameworks too clever for their own good but my “framework” is one class that’s less than 50 lines. Very neat #prosedev
@33MHz ohm nom nom.

My local grocery store just started stocking a fake cream based “peanut butter” and I’m so furious I’ve considered a store 8 minutes further away. I’m very jealous
Still waiting for my intel MacBook Pro to become cool enough to touch again. Xcode could not be replaced fast enough in my mind.
Every time I jump back to Xcode, it never works. It’s becoming ridiculously infuriating using my everyday iPhone (updated to the latest OS) as a test device. I loose an hour troubleshooting bs just because one of two version numbers isn’t high enough…
@thedoctor 🍻 sounds amazing! My friend group right now is me and my dog hahaha, we’re very jealous. First few days were surprisingly rough, though I rarely get sick so I might just be a big baby.

When’s the last time you had time off like you do now?
@33MHz sounds like a really neat opportunity with comparatively low risk. I’m curious to see what it looks like and even more curious to see what you do with it.
@33MHz damn! Congratulations man, sounds like a lot of work but I imagine it’s the rewarding kind. I’m jealous of a handy project like that, I love a good hammer and nail challenge.

Is it a future home, a flip&sell, or something else entirely?
@33MHz the lamest. Headaches and fever kept me from coding at the start but the past few days have been quite productive
@jws @33MHz first thought that popped into my head: Will it Blend?
I’m still plugging away on the iPad. Wrote a Keychain wrapper last night, rewrote the networking layers, and updated the authentication endpoint.

I have all the pieces to start making the account management system. Really excited #prosedev
I’ve been working on the Authentication flow for Prose for the past two days. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. #prosedev
What did I miss?
Hey all, been away for a bit. I had a few overloaded weeks at work, almost felt like normal for a bit haha. Then, this past Sunday I started feeling sick, test on Monday confirmed the rona. Feeling much better now.

You gave up too much to turn back now.