@shawn to my business associates, but you can call me Shawn Throop.

4th pnut with 78 believers, 90 found worthy, 268 trackers. Listen to the gossip.
Proud member of the Noon Club 🕛.
Human in Europe/Berlin.
Big time developer.

A Canadian dancing with Saarländisches Staatstheater and a self taught iOS developer when I get the time.

Shiny is better.

@Kabuku the nubbin! I love those machines, I got a second-hand ThinkPad while in school. Admittedly, it was mostly my Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 console when I wasn't typing on it though.
@jeremycherfas I think I might have misunderstood the pet shop reference but Acaplanet is teaching me Italian and they have different clothes available. Thanks!
@33MHz now that halloween is out of the way, it sits a bit better in my mind hahaha
Just finished first act of nutcracker on October 29th. It’s not even noon. Weird day today.
Does anyone know a good place that sells coats/sweaters for small dogs and ships to Europe?
Here’s a crazy data point. Used my phone like normal since 9:00. It’s now almost 23:00 and I’m at 55% battery.

iPhone 13 is pretty amazing
The things you see while walking your dog in Saarbrücken: two bald guys doing lines of what I presume are cocaine in their hatchback parked on the street
@rafaelcosta oh really, I didn’t know that’s a thing. The timezones played to my advantage, preorders opened at 14:00 for me.

It’s an amazing little machine.

More importantly, congratulations on the new job! Enjoy the downtime while you can.
Starting to move my passwords into iCloud Keychain. Now that one can natively store authentication codes, it’s a really simple solution.
Found the replacement gesture, tap the keyboard while in cursor selection mode and the cursor becomes a selection cursor.

I like it. Though, 3D Touch let you do it one handed with a deeper press. I’ll miss that a lot actually.
New iPhone is nice.

The one obvious thing I miss is being able to select text with the extra level of 3D Touch on my iPhone X
@Streakmachine haha me too, I’ve been waiting for so long to see something from Foundation. Very excited
@Streakmachine there’s two downloaded on my iPad waiting until after work
I took Huey to the dog park/island yesterday, finally got him running around without a leash on again. Smallest dog there by far but after some initial fear he was running after others like crazy
@jacobrealo new Ted Lasso episodes, Foundations first two, Morning Show’s next, tonight’s a busy one on Apple TV+
@rafaelcosta two more work days left this week, super tired. New phone comes today, very excited to set that up. And you?
Ahh, so this is how you guys feel on theme Mondays…
@33MHz it’s so good, I’m gonna have to show it to my mother
Oops, I think I missed the anniversary. I’m so glad this place exists. This year is going to be very tough for me in my current situation. I really value having some untainted space and people in my life.

You gave up too much to turn back now.