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A Canadian dancing with Saarländisches Staatstheater and a self taught iOS developer when I get the time.

Shiny is better.

@thrrgilag crate training is killing me slowly, but seeing him get more comfortable outside is really interesting to watch happen in real time.
Until then, is this a good excuse?
cookie jar (i)
Sorry folks, I never posted an update to how I was progressing for the #hackathon. I was freaking out a bit in preparation for a little friend that was arriving the next day. When I get some free time, I’ll do my best to share.
Hacking for a bit, then I have to prep for tomorrow's road trip. I'm going up north to see about a puppy
@thedoctor those first few after a hiatus are always gruelling, I feel ya
@Wife looks fun, never heard of it before. How many players does it support?
@33MHz particularly weird when the download is just 11Gb...
@Joe or maybe I should finally move 247Gb of media to my external drive hahaha. Though, ya disk space was the one feature I didn't trick out on this device
@jacobrealo @thedoctor I just spent 30 minutes trying to organize mine, a little tricky but I have a good setup now, mostly based on a single horizontal smart stack. I like Things support because it’s really simple but useful (different lists/tags)
@33MHz @jacobrealo wow, that's really interesting. German Netflix has been notoriously lousy, though the streaming catalogue here has vastly improved over the years. I'm curious if the DVD/Blu-ray selection in Germany is similarly troubled.
@blumenkraft I really enjoyed Matt Smiths run a lot. Those seasons, and him in particular, were a lot of fun. Doctor Who definitely has some weird baggage and nonsense amongst some fantastic storylines.

Fish fingers and custard!
App Store: There is not enough disk space available to install the product.
Finder: 33.84 Gb available
Me: Update Xcode, please
App Store: There is not enough disk space available to install the product.
Finder: 33.86 Gb available
Me: 😑
@33MHz ya… big but welcome life changes ahead
@33MHz hmmm, is the Blu-ray catalog any different than the online catalog?
@blumenkraft reminds me of the shower caps that read: “Fits one head”

The Doctor Who mention was more cause the show often had mundane things as monsters. E01 of the modern series had store mannequins come alive, for example.
I just bought a dog crate, poop bags, and a bunch of pee pads. I think I’ve crossed the line from thinking of getting a dog to I’m renting a car this weekend to go visit some puppies.
Just a follow up, Tenet was amazing. Confusing and hard to follow at times, but stunning and something I’d never seen before. So… Nolan at his best
@ludolphus dang, that’s cute. Brings back so many memories.
@33MHz wait, Netflix still does DVDs?
@blumenkraft feels like they must have dealt with a Doctor Who villain in the past, the bed guillotine.

You gave up too much to turn back now.