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@33MHz happy Friday, and enjoy your roadtrip.
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@habanero we went with a brand called "Lumi Therapy", they are UK based but ship worldwide. They have some great offers on just now. https://lumitherapy.co.uk/products/recovery-pod-max. What we have is last year's version, but we added the Ultra Cover.
@habanero (2/2) …and when you move, you break the layer and it gets colder again. It is a strange feeling, but you get used to it. The benefits will soon become apparent.
@habanero I started off at 1-3 minutes and progressed further over time. One thing to bear in mind is to move occasionally, as the longer you are stationary, the "warmer" you feel. It's like a layer around you that your body heat warms up... (1/2)
@habanero my usual time is around 12-15 minutes, but the water is not ice cold. We have just purchased a new cover for our pod which should help keep the temperature lower though.
@blumenkraft wow! I had never hear of him before. I learned about cold therapy from seeing this guy on TV – https://www.wimhofmethod.com/cold-therapy
@blumenkraft to me, both would be good 😆
@habanero some people use it that way, or after sports/exercise, but the main point is to harness the body’s natural healing powers. My wife and I work from home and we generally take a dip at the end of the working day.
@blumenkraft I will try not to, thank you. I don't know if I would classify it as fun, but it really does make you feel really good. Sleep tends to be so much better too!
@33MHz yeehaw! It's the weekend! Time to get the cold water therapy tub back into action.
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@33MHz happy weekend all, Enjoy this pic of a busy bumble bee 🐝 hope it makes you 😀
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@mandy hope you managed to see something. Apparently there "may" be a strong Aurora again on Monday night
@33MHz just managed to get the results of an overnight TimeLapse capture using my Insta360 camera
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@mandy hope this doesn't mashie you too jealous 😉
@33MHz happy Aurora Friday 😎
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@33MHz Nice! I have to catch up on it as we have been watching something else that airs at the same time. I've only seen 3 episodes of s17 so far, but it's a crazy and entertaining as ever 😂😎
@33MHz just going to have a chill weekend for a change. Hope everyone has a good one!
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@33MHz gotta work this weekend, but hope everyone who isn't working, has a good one!!
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@33MHz have a great weekend y'all. And yes, I do need a haircut.
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@33MHz how has a whole week passed since last Friday? That’s absurd!!!
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