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Is usually found in Sweden or Japan.🔰

Shiny is better.

@33MHz Indeed! I’m starting to suspect that the ones I have don’t exactly pass through signals properly, so sometimes randomly the TV switches off, as if there’s no signal.
@peemee Neato! 👍
@prometheus Good idea!
So if anyone has a recommendation for a 5 to 8 port HDMI switch that actually automatically detects and switches input, with 4K support, can be externally powered (or not, don’t care), I’m all ears!
If the weather forecast holds up, I’ll definitely be sitting on the deck come Saturday and Sunday night. Should be excellent temperature and perfect atmosphere for hot cocoa!
Ordered the Retro-bit Tribute64 Wireless because I want to enjoy Nintendo 64 games in the modern age. Starting with the small offering on Switch Online, and I’ll be looking for a reasonable HDMI solution for my old console.
Yep, Orax album “Love Kills The Demon” is really kick-ass!
Two new albums on MD have arrived. Time to enjoy some quality listening!
The rest of December is now safe; my light reading has arrived!
cookie jar (i)
Heckin busy morning!
Tried the demo of Dragon Quest XI on the Nintendo Switch. Might have to pick up the full game later on. Very fun, lots of charm, good atmosphere.
Trying to stand the new ad fest that YouTube seems to have going on. Failing hard at it. Back to youtube-dl before even attempting to watch!
@Kabuku 🐵👍

@igmp_join What in the actual heck?
@Kabuku Indeed! Looking forward to investing more, perhaps on a monthly basis. At the very least stashing away money for the inevitable future dips.
@Wife Well I’ll be damned!
Why in Beelzebub’s butthole does Animal Crossing appear to use Fahrenheit as the standard measure of temperature? Localization my ass!
And yes, all the outdoor Christmas lights are now up and fully operational. Looking forward to nightfall so I can enjoy the illuminated spectacle.
@Kabuku Hey, funny that, I did exactly the same only in stocks this past week. Now it’s all about the HODL, as the kids call it. 😂

You gave up too much to turn back now.