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• Mostly harmless
• Writes about tech and video games
• Loves the original Game Boy
• Mini laptop enthusiast
• Reviews beverages in Japan
• Highly addicted to coffee
• Impersonates William Riker online


Is usually found in Sweden or Japan.🔰

Shiny is better.

@joe @33MHz Yep, there we have it. The graveyard of abandoned services and products.

I still remember the hype around Google Wave.
I finally picked up my sewing kit today. Will make a good addition to my work bag. Never know when a fashion emergency might pop up, or a button might pop out.

Either way, really.
@33MHz I didn’t think a company could have ADD, but Google/Alphabet has sure proven me wrong over the years.
And as expected, Google (or is it Alphabet now?) is killing off Stadia. No real surprises there, and yet another victim off to the product graveyard.
Day shift can’t arrive soon enough, in my opinion.
I really need to watch The Young Ones again. Such brilliant material and even better execution.
I mean, ‘BFG Division’ is probably the strongest single tune of the Doom 2016 soundtrack when you listen to it outside of the game.
@Kabuku It hasn’t been reliable for you? 😮
@muncman In the words of my iOS devices: Good ducking duck it!
@shawn All good in my book! To have a style of one’s own, that’s the best.
@shawn A fair point. I really should read more qualitative text, and more often too. News and what people write online (Reddit in particular) does not do the mind well.
@shawn My brain conjured up a very odd mental image when I read that.
@shawn 🤣👍
@shawn Oh dude, the more you look the more you find! Frank Welker is a living legend in the industry.
Watching Peter Cullen and Frank Welker talk about their craft is just amazing. The sheer amount of voices they have crafted over the years.
@igmp_join I highly recommend it! Excellent game, really great Metroid.
Must be autumn. I’m getting really into Metroid again.
Disregarding the game itself, I must say, I really love the title ‘Spiderheck’!
Lots of sci-fi chatter in the timeline today. I like that!
I really love how tech-centric forums and subreddits are all over Google pushing updates to neuter adblocking, and how they actually think that the population at large will even care, much less switch web browser. The naivety is cute.

You gave up too much to turn back now.