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@33MHz definitely. I lost that sense of balance and I am working on getting that back as much as possible. I do thankfully still have a good group of people around to support me.
Been isolating too long(been doing that even before COVID and lockdowns) it’s not good for my mental health so I am trying to get back to being out there and living life again.
@Wife that is adorable
@33MHz good morning sir. Hope you have a great day
@33MHz @hutattedonmyarm just seems like FB being FB to me. Can’t say I am shocked at all. After they bought Instagram it really struck home how much FB just wants to control everything.
@joe Its a dog whistle. 'China' backed company etc. Its all about the election.
@33MHz Happy Friday everyone! @nitinkhanna @hutattedonmyarm @ludolphus @thrrgilag @mikehoss @joe @sulgi @i70dan @phoneboy @joanna @ki6bjv @ccp @jeremy @neil @thedan84 @lena @peemee
@33MHz in all honesty it’s been a struggle. Mental Health issue and hostile work environment. It’s getting better though, seeing a doctor and work is dealing with the toxic people it seems.
I am so very happy its Friday I need a break. @joanna @sulgi @33MHz @jacarandachick @jussipekonen @nitinkhanna @phoneboy @charlesg @i70dan @peemee @manx @jeremycherfas @bondman @infodriveway @ericd @jdscolam @jeremy @ccp @ki6bjv
And now I am down until probably noon so they can move my computer. 

So the soultion for my connection issues is to go to the office and move my computer to the new building myself. yeah that defeates the purpose entirely of me working from home. That is too much risk for me right now.
@unixb0y Mostly i am playing at keeping my temper in check. If this goes on too long I am paly Zelda:BotW or Smash Bros on the Switch
@33MHz We dont have a VPN, just RDP web access. For some reason they believe VPN is insecure and cant be trusted. Feds say we cant use VPN is the excuse. Its just FUD becuse they dont understand security past 1989 or so.
I want to work(sort of) but I cant connect to my work desktop so I am just here palying on the internet.

good times, good times
One of the odd things I have discovered over the last 2 weeks WFH is how its not really my coworkers that distract me from getting things done more the job expectations, I am expected to be superman eveyday & frankly its not what I want to be doing
@Streakmachine Did you catch Picard last night? It was so very good. @33MHz
Going to try and take it easy at work today. It has been a long week and I need some rest. I am thinking I might actually work on some of my own project this weekend. Maybe I will spruce up the home office a bit.
@33MHz So happy it is Friday! Hope you all have a good one. @ccp @jeremy @jdscolam @ericd @infodriveway @bondman @jeremycherfas @manx @peemee @i70dan @joanna @sulgi @charlesg @phoneboy @nitinkhanna @jussipekonen @jacarandachick
I am such and introvert it feels like now is my time to shine. I mean I been in 3 virtual meetings this week and I am also being more 'social' online.
it is a weird(not unpleasant just different) feeling to be sitting in my office working and then all of a sudden something is rubbing on my feet. My cat is weird.

You gave up too much to turn back now. ⇄