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I make Macchiato [macchiato.10centuries.org] for 10C's iOS-using community.

Father of two kids. Grew up in St. Louis, schooled in Florida, live and work (mostly from home) in Atlanta.

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Shiny is better.

Improve test error messages of your abstractions [kentcdodds.com] with Error.captureStackTrace(e, ignoreAboveThisFn)
CppUMock: “The main idea is to make manual mocking easier, rather than to make automated mocks. If manual mocking is easier, then it could also be automated in the future, but that isn’t a goal by itself. [cpputest.github.io]”
One of the readers on the Way of Kings audiobook uptalks. It’s taking some adjustment. But after the 20 hours or so she’ll be reading in this book, I should be thoroughly inoculated. ;)
@33MHz It’s good stuff.
/@theprawn @ki6bjv @gtwilson @shauncollins
@kwood And with JSDoc markup, you can get great types and autocomplete even from pure JS, without a separate typings file.
/@kyo @33MHz
email from fidelity about learning to "prevent elder fraud". if cthulhu tries to swindle you, you're probably swindled, though, amirite?
@jeremycherfas It does hurt, but the teething 9-month-old and cooped up 3- and 5-year-olds, two dogs, day job, and yard drainage issues hurt more.

Phazel is https://apps.apple.com/us/app/phazel/id1209751252
@jeremycherfas I need a sharing extension in Macchiato for that.
» Whether you’re seen as good/bad/crazy is entirely relative to the powers that be in your org. No matter if terrible things are happening: If they don't care about it, YOU caring about it will not be seen as valuable, & indeed, will turn into a liability [rachelbythebay.com]
Education technology has been offered by its funders as the solution to educational crises for a century now. Look where that's got us. [hackeducation.com]
Remote teaching during mass school closures:

> Perhaps the question then isn't simply "how do we learn from Chicago 1937" but rather "why haven't we?"

Chicago closed against a Polio outbreak and used newspapers and radio broadcasts to teach students.
» Despite all the claims that ed-tech "disrupts," it is just as likely going to re-inscribe. That is, we are less likely to use ed-tech to rethink assignments or assessments than we are to use ed-tech more closely scrutinize student behavior. [hackeducation.com]
@bayprogrammer Nice!
@33MHz 😂 Sounds about right.

The other bit about “any answer to ‘why study that?’ beyond ‘because it’s INTERESTING’ would be a rationalization” might even be more useful for me.
the distinguishing feature of nerding about a subject is that you know far more about it than is reasonable for what you need. [notebook.drmaciver.com]
In the end, it is simply too optimistic, unreasonably so, I'd argue. No matter how silly or useless or terrible a new technology is, according to the Hype Cycle at least, it will eventually become widely adopted. [hackeducation.com]
@morrick My default grip while thumbing through Feedly had me ready to screenshot.

I generally don’t struggle with the screen size. Are my hands just freakishly large? Here’s me holding my XS Max through a few gestures. [amazon.com] iPad was in right hand as camera.
@morrick I liked your analysis of the Home button full vs less interactions. I was surprised to read the screenshot action considered as only theoretically one-handed. I noticed that all I had to do was move my pointer finger and I could snapshot that!
eyeopening sed wizardry https://tildes.net/~comp/b2k/programming_challenge_find_path_from_city_a_to_city_b_with_least_traffic_controls_inbetween#comment-2run via the sed debugger desed https://github.com/SoptikHa2/desed/blob/master/README.md via StatusCode

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