@rafaelcosta to my business associates, but you can call me Rafael Costa.

47th pnut with 106 believers, 77 found worthy, 435 trackers. Listen to the gossip.
Proud member of the Bitesize Cookie Club 🍥.
Human in America/Sao_Paulo.
Big time developer.

Carioca expat in São Paulo. Ad man who doesn’t do ads. iOS and Android software developer, cryptography geek and everything-tinkerer.

I make https://appstore.com/arachis, a pnut client for iOS

Shiny is better.

New project
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API v1.0.0 [pnut.io] is released! There are many breaking changes, a lot of things to grow into, especially in channels.

Thanks to all the developers willing to ride the wave! #🎉
Watching Mad Men for the zillionth time
Arachis' pushes should go back to fine, 1.0 is on the server already!

Soon releasing an update to the iOS app with 1.0 as well!

Thing is HUGE!
My copy of Neural Networks from Scratch just arrived!
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At least here we get a free software from our IRS-equivalent to use. If there's one thing (and one thing only) that works in Brazil, it is our IRS-equivalent (Receita Federal – Federal Revenue)
Oh well... This year's income tax software already available. Here we go...
Was pretty fun learning how to use those APIs. VideoToolbox is old, but great to use (and I learned a lot about encoding). usbmuxd was used to make the USB transfer of the feed and I already knew about the good old UNIX sockets. 3/
to an app running on the Mac which decodes the H.264 stream (using the same VideoToolbox API) and sends it, via UNIX socket, to my fake webcam driver that I wrote so it appears as a webcam on Zoom calls! 2/
Built a small utility to use my iPhone as a webcam for my Mac, so I can use in my Mandarin classes. Was a pretty fun project: the iPhone gets the raw pixel buffer, live-encodes it to H.264 (using Apple's C-based VideoToolbox), passes it through USB 1/
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I was only doing consults for them mostly for the past month, so it was no surprise.
Broke the news to my old team that I'm leaving. They mostly figured it out by now, but made it official.
@kyo What's up? How are things?
@kyo Hallo!
@EsilEna Hey, I'm gonna check it out on the latest public version, sounds like a bug!
@33MHz It works! It is the backup system on my apartment, but some apartments here only use that and it works wonders! hahahahaha
Yes, we do 😂
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Async/await is shaping up to be pretty awesome on Swift! twitter.com/@v_pradeilles shows great examples on how it works and how it will help!

Sure thing!
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You gave up too much to turn back now.