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Shiny is better.

Updated the software projects page [pekonen.cc] of my website to include the SDK project I worked on last year as well as my current project. Also, there is now a small tweak how I display the inactive projects.
@33MHz It’s not overly complicated. It’s just that people tend to take the shortcut every time.
@jeremycherfas You’re welcome. Let me know if you find it too advanced/complicated.

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I’ve got a new blog post for you: On writing reusable, testable, and safe Bash code [pekonen.cc]

Ping @Streakmachine, @igmp_join, and @33MHz, who have expressed their interest in the topic.
@igmp_join @streakmachine Stay tuned then, I might have a blog post coming later this month or in early September. Why not now? I have shit load of other stuff to do before I can focus on writing it down.
Would any one of you be interested in a blog post about testable and reusable Bash code?
Hyvää joulua, dear friends!
@33MHz Yeah, the certification and the training for it was paid by the company. The exam had questions about scrum as a framework and the duties of a PO within that framework.
Phew… That was not an easy exam. But now I am a certified Professional Scrum Product Owner. 😊
Ohai… Haven’t had time or energy to hang out here. Sorry for that.
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Home, enjoying Friday evening. Finally remembered that you are here. 👋
@33MHz Here it is available on Netflix. But those damn annoying distribution deals…
@Skematica The Millenium trilogy is so well done (in every way) that no wonder it has been so well received.

Noomi is a good actor as is her brother Ola (for example in Skyfall and in the Maria Lång series).

What are you doing in Danmark?
Finished (re)watching the Millenium ”trilogy” [imdb.com] (the original TV mini-series in Swedish with Noomi Rapace and Michael Nyquist). It was still darn good.
I’m still alive. Busy, but alive. *waves at your general direction*
@muncman Hell-o!
@thrrgilag Hell-o!
@morrick I haven’t disappeared. I am mostly on 10C, but more often I am off the grid.

That reminded me, I’m sorry for the loss of your father. I read your blog post about him. It was a great post.
Oh, hi! *waves*
@blumenkraft Just like Finland, except that the German people talk way too much, obviously.

You gave up too much to turn back now.