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@MrFresh longpost - https://chimpnut.nl/u/bondman/lp/732725 - #longpost
cookie jar (l)


@MrFresh well, to be fair, I bet there are cases where someone has gotten into one of those packets before. Curiosity perhaps? One could assume that everything in food packaging must be edible. I wou…

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@joe @33Mhz I know right? The odds should be 50/50. But I swear it's more 20/80 against me.
@MrFresh 👍 for sure! Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket or two? LOL
@MrFresh yeah, kinda strange - probably legal CYA BS
Good morning!
I plugged in, not one, but *two* USB cables and got them in correctly on the first try.
Today is going to be a good day. 😉
@ludolphus thanks for that - I wish I had pizza for breakfast now! 🍕🍳
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What up peeps? 😊👍
<reminiscing swarms 🤔💭🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝
@thedoctor hey there! What up? Nice to see familiar faces around here! 😊
@sulgi it's free to play. Like a lot of good freemium games, you only need to chip in cash if you want to. That is, you could have tons of fun without spending a dime.
So if you have a free night at home, why not give it a whirl?
@sulgi good to hear! 2019 has been a challenging year of change for me. But, as of now, I'm doing well! I'm optimistic that 2020 will be a better one. 👍
@joe thanks for sharing. I did go back and read your reflections on 2019. It is a bit scary with everything going on in the world. Here's to a 2020 that will bring peace and prosperity.
@ludolphus Ooo...love it! Yum! What kind of toppings did you get? #curious 😋🍕🤔💭
@joe hello hello! 👋😊 thx for the well wishes. Life's been crazy but it's all good. Life's treating you well?
@33MHz thx! - I was hoping that I might find fellow players - we could start a pnut team on Golf Blitz LOL
/@nitinkhanna @sulgi
@sulgi hey there! It's been a while! How you've been? 😊
It's like my fav iOS game...so far.
I mean it's free-to-play...and I actually dipped into the IAP pool, once, twice...okay maybe thrice. 😉
Anyone here play Golf Blitz? ⛳️👀

@33MHz hmm...I am not active by any stretch on the "other network". But if I, perchance, spot one of them, I'll nonchalantly slide the invitation their way. 😏
@33MHz - https://chimpnut.nl/u/bondman/lp/722854 - #longpost
cookie jar (l)

@33MHz thanks for the link to your update. That was helpful getting me somewhat caught up. :-) Yeah - I did quick checks on people that I used to regularly engage with that are no longer active (like …

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@33MHz LOL I get you

You gave up too much to turn back now.