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@33MHz @wife So there goes planning (for this year). With the "lockdown" in place, I've switched to "agile gardening".
I've bought some seeds in advance, and try to improvise with that - and everything that comes my way.
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@33MHz I'm looking for one that speaks Java regex. They're somewhat special, but harder to test fast on a server I guess.
@33MHz I've just learned about it.
But what's more, I have all but forgotten about that RTPaaS (fp) feed to my bookmarks ;-)
New in Visualization: Online regex tester and debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript [regex101.com]
@33MHz Where you get the words? Inspiration or dictionary attack? ;-)
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@33MHz @wife @jeremycherfas Yeah, my kids do the same. That's why I keep planting edibles everywhere ;-)
@jeremycherfas @33MHz @Wife Good to know! We didn't get that far, our plants were eaten by birds before they could grow tall.
@jeremycherfas @Wife @33MHz Thanks the hint! You're not the first one to mention runner beans.
I guess I'll try some this year!
@Wife @33MHz @jeremycherfas also I "leased" some garden space to my kids, and looking for something fun and easy to grow there.
I've thought of tomatoes or sunflowers, maybe nasturtium.
@Wife @33MHz @jeremycherfas This year I want to try open pollinated seeds, starting with last years tomatoes. I'll keep the herbs and salad, maybe some chili.
I'm looking for some legumes to grow in containers, maybe beans or lentils.
@jeremycherfas @33MHz @Wife So last year I tried to grow everything, from thyme to tomatoes, nasturtium, ginger, curcuma, regardless of yield.
Nearly everything worked, except sunflowers, onions and garlic (I guess hazelnuts were too young).
A dark swirl. Light absorbing swings, a matte painted slide.

The Crayons' kids love it;
the darkness draws them here magically.

A place without all-boring colours, without the constant spectral explosion the adults got used to.

Their playground.
@33MHz Hi there, a bit late but thanks a lot for asking!
I've been super busy last year, switching a waterfall project to agile, getting my son to school, teaching new people.
Currently planning my garden for this year :-)

You gave up too much to turn back now.