Shiny is better.

Reuters reported a story yesterday about Monkeys in Lucknow, India, who jumped a Tech as he was crossing the medical campus, and stole Coronavirus infected blood samples from him.
The truth really is stranger than fiction.
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My amp goes to 11.
Lizzy B looked at her engineering first mate. "Do we have enough to hold until tomorrow?" "Yes, she'll make it."

Just then, Mr Williams rounded the corner of the house and slammed into the force field with a shovel.

It was going to be a long night.
as the force field weakened, the alien creatures made their way into the room. it only took them milliseconds.

"i should have never pulled back the curtain", said John. all this sunlight is killing me.

When the ground shook again, more fiercely, he jumped to his feet. The bars on the door were wide enough he could reach his arm pretty far through. The keys lay on the desk nearby. His middle finger could touch the edge.

This was a lame way to end.
when the aliens left Earth, they left a faulty machine behind none of the humans really understood. the early writing system flipped a bit and spat out something about god. it doomed mankind for thousands of years to come.
The green glob rose a whole 3 inches over the plate. It reached its gooey arm forward, pointing the fork at Jake. In a moment of terror, Jake waved a hand, spilling his milk on the plate. The glob began to dissolve, and the fork clinked on the glass.

Running Antelope looked perplexed.

"What are you doing--don't just stand there! We got breakfast to make!"
"I am a Sioux chief!"

– Feng shui?!
What the hell was he thinking about? Would he really risk everything...for superstition?
Real forces like wind and water I can understand but not that, she thought.
And tossed the book into the fire together with the gift wrapping.
Rutaba lifted his head up, then his whole body off the asteroid. As he floated through space, he stood at-ease. He thrust all his muscles into a loud guttural yell. As the waves emanated towards Earth, he knew his feng shui was perfectly aligned.
Only the faintest mumble.
Gently she raised his head up from the ground and leaned forward to listen.
- Playground... he whispered almost inaudible, and some more she couldn’t hear.
- Again, she begged. - I couldn’t hear.
But there was only silence.
A dark swirl. Light absorbing swings, a matte painted slide.

The Crayons' kids love it;
the darkness draws them here magically.

A place without all-boring colours, without the constant spectral explosion the adults got used to.

Their playground.
For decades, we thought they were blood suckers. We added a DNA marker to the bees' blood in a way that let us target them. We antagonized them. We offered them beetle blood. But now we know they eat the bees' fat, and nothing will appease them!
One tiny cup of Espresso contains roughly three times the amount of caffeine, compared to a glass of Cola. Hot drinks preferred here. #wedc

Of course there is no #wednesdayChallenge when I'm trying to procrastinate. Gosh darn.
Dan was greeted at the door by his wife, looking disheveled, and holding a machete.
"Do you want the good news or the bad?"
"Good news?" he replied, uncertainly.
"There are dead gremlins in the kitchen"
"the one in the bedroom is alive"
Julius pulled his feet back, curled his toes in his shoes. He held his breathe. *flomp flomp flomp...shwiiisssh...AAAAAH!* The gorilla swiped at his chest. He ducked to the floor and dove through the door. Quickly spun the vaulted door and locked it.
"The whole universe?" "Yes, every piece of it." "That changes everything!" She left the secret room in her closet and the door disappeared behind her. "What was I looking for?" she thought, grabbing her cup of tea and turning on the TV. #wedc
what they found behind the curtain was an emperor without clothes.


You gave up too much to turn back now.