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Darn, I missed yesterday's Wednesday Challenge. Is it too late to claim I was delayed? #WedC
@jws Maybe, but who capitalizes home improvement supplies?
I challenge all to find all references to the #WedC theme in this post.
"C'mon, Paint! Get a move on." The horse was taking its own sweet time walking through the badlands of northeastern Arizona. He didn't mind so much. The stratified layers, contrasting with the pinto-like markings on Paint, were stunningly beautiful. #WedC
@bazbt3 I'm confused. Who wrote that?

Anyway, that certainly sounds like something the good captain would think.
@bazbt3 Tim? I may be forgetting, but if I'm not, Tim doesn't have his own ship. His father, Captain Hadron (who I don't think I gave a first name to, or did I [citation needed]?)'s ship is the Endeavor.
@MrFresh Well, I was a serious fan for many years (and even worked for LFL for half of the 80s). I should see it at some point. Maybe when it's on Netflix...
@MrFresh Believe it or not, I have yet to see it. By far the longest I've gone (even in the sad prequel days) without seeing a new Star Wars movie.
Me: HG* Play me some Jimi
GH: Okay. Playing Jimmy Buffet on GPM
Me: HG Remember when I say Jimi I mean Jimi Hendrix
GH: Okay. Remembering you said 'when I say Jimi I mean Jimi Hendrix'
Me: HG Play me some Jimi
GH: Okay. Playing Jimi Hendrix
*HG: Hey Google
@33MHz Sure. Let's go with that.

Can I quote you tomorrow to my boss?
@33MHz ?
@bazbt3 admittedly, I chose it because I already had a story planned. :)
Timmy asked his dad, "Why are the Thorgons evil?"

Cap'n Hadron thought for a while, "It's tricky. Their creed isn't that bad, but they don't follow the First Mandate, and require it be applied everywhere, even for species where it makes no sense." #WedC
@bazbt3 I nominate "Explain a challenging thing to a child" as this week's #WednesdayChallenge / #WedC challenge.
@bazbt3 Yeah, it's a bit weird. And I just realized; the YouTube threat is intended to shame her into silence. But it's entirely possible she has no shame.
@bazbt3 My universe. My definition. Any themes yet for tomorrow?
@bazbt3 I would have politely asked her to keep it down, there are children present.

Then I would have considered recording her and putting it on YouTube.
@33mhz oddity: if I don't follow someone, but reply to them, my reply doesn't show up in my own timeline.
@hybotics Well, that goes without saying...

But in terms of story, there are different kinds of evil. There's the Klingon warmonger evil, there's the Ferengi count-your-arms-and-legs evil. Maybe with a good theme, I'll answer it on Wednesday.
@bazbt3 I still haven't worked out what makes the Thorgons evil. I've got some ideas.

You gave up too much to turn back now.