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Whoops forgot to copy my description from ADN. I'm a technolgoist, pleased to meet you. #3dprinting #electronics #robotics #livestreaming

Shiny is better.

The more obscure of a topic you are researching, the more likely it is that whatever video you found will have been filmed with a potato.
I want to build daily/weekly E-mail digests for Pnut - something like this.

The monitors could get quite fancy.
cookie jar (i)
Hello all, just wanted to say hi and check on things
@thedoctor @33MHz @hutattedonmyarm busy.

Definitely had a hankering for mndp recently but just can’t bring myself to open the browser. I had the reminder in my calendar for probably close to 8 years now
@33MHz @hutattedonmyarm good morrow all
@thrrgilag the white paper just came out, I haven’t even read it yet, been busy working on a bug fix release

@joe @thrrgilag yea not my personal preference, all of that was inherited from the Signal project.
@33MHz yea, open group is only just ssl transport encrypted and just signed.
Closed groups are encrypted and max at 10 members because multidevice actually doubles what we have to do and then each user added to the group increases complexity exponentially
@thrrgilag awesome thank you!
@33MHz Check out https://chat.getsession.org/channels/1/messages?include_annotations=1&prettyPrint=1
@33MHz But basically an open group is just a server with one (patter) channel. Using the file api for attachments. And then we have some annotations we use for signatures (so you can prove the server admin didn’t tamper with a message)

@33MHz I’ll type up some today, all the adn endpoints are the same. We just add some for moderation and authentication (done with keypairs instead of laugh)
@thrrgilag that would be neat. I have a discord and several live streaming services bridges in node. Still missing matrix and telegram
@thrrgilag it’s all open source, desktop is in electron, iPhone I believe is swift/obj-c, and android is java.

Will be a bot api (likely in node first). And the opengroup api is an adn clone.

Friend is working on converting over libsignal (c/c++) too
@thrrgilag a lot of users asking for f-droid and I think we’re committed to that after we do a couple rounds of bug fixes first

Also gotten requests for the librem5 (?) but I haven’t heard any of the mgmt says anything yet on that.
@joe awesome, still a bit buggy, 1.0 and all but I’d love to hear any feedback or ideas
@thrrgilag great, happy to answer! We have a 20-40 page white paper that explains everything too coming out soonish
@thrrgilag thanks, we’ve been working hard on it for 6 months. The open group system uses the app.net api too
Would be much appreciate if people could also help me boost it out into their social networks
We just released Session, a fork of Signal with phone numbers and the central servers removed.

Available iOS, Android, win, Mac and Linux.

Please rate and review!

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