Reading Bari Weiss’ resignation letter from the NYT. Oofda

“Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times. But Twitter has become its ultimate editor.”
“Showing up for work as a centrist at an American newspaper should not require bravery.”
@Wife what does he mean with 'centrist' there though?
@blumenkraft (she) goes on to say “not explicitly progressive” ie. liberal
@Wife ooops, she. :)
but that's not the criticism for i understand it. but i haven't looked into it.
@blumenkraft there was another NYT editor James Bennet that resigned about a month back, after much backlash over an op-Ed he printed. This seems to be unrelated, as far as I know.
@blumenkraft I don’t know how to make links clean, but her piece is worth reading, even if you don’t support/agree
@blumenkraft I haven’t read much that she’s written/published, but her critique of American Media seems pretty on point to me.
@Wife just watched this >>

i think my instinct was right. she's confusing centrism with conservatism (is it often happens in the US).
@blumenkraft why does the video focus so much on the term? it just seems to have goal posts in a different position.
@33MHz no it's me who stumbled upon the term. ever since i'm interested in US politics, i do that. a huge part of politics just isn't happening in the US mainstream. as said in the video, when have you seen a lefty on cable TV?
@blumenkraft the video doesn't get off the subject for about 6 minutes...
@33MHz it's part of the story. :)
@blumenkraft what's part of what story??
@blumenkraft oh, the video says what a lefty is?
@blumenkraft It talks about communists and socialists not being well-represented in mainstream media.
@blumenkraft traditional view here is a left and a right, and the left is well-represented. We have self-described socialists in mainstream media regularly. Communism, yes, that's not palatable.
@33MHz well, from my European view of things, this is just not the case. you have the polotical landscape of moderate right-wing to white nationalist represented. and that's just a sad fact.
@blumenkraft don't you have everything with actual platforms? seven parties? Nazis and communists?
@33MHz yep. every political orientation is represented by parties.
@blumenkraft To make differing claims on arbitrary terms is weird. His overview of whom has been canceled in the last 50 years is very thin. This is shock jock language, bra!
@33MHz how do you mean 'arbitrary terms'?
@blumenkraft left-center-right are arbitrary. you say left is farther out of sight than I do. It doesn't matter, except that Bari is on Doel's "right". She seems to acknowledge that anyway.
@33MHz actually, it's not arbitrary. :)
the political landscape is well defined. not as strict as your programming code, but yeah, it's not that arbitrary.
@blumenkraft If you restrict yourself to an illogical straight line of left-center-right, it is totally arbitrary where center is.
@33MHz illogical straight line? i don't follow. :)
example: person A thinks everyone should have healthcare. they are on the left.
person B thinks only white people should have healthcare. they are on the right.
what is the illogical straight line here?
@blumenkraft It's not a line, it's a cloud. What if my views aren't represented? There's no reason left and right are in opposite directions. They're just separate economic groups, it just benefits themselves to polarize, so they tend to.
@blumenkraft it's ridiculous that what you call "right" is defined in extreme by white supremacy. That seems completely exclusive to your ethno-centricity.
@33MHz i still don't follow. you wouldn't define white supremacy as politically right?
@blumenkraft I would normally expect white supremacists to be politically-right, but I don't consider white supremacists the clear far-right. White supremacy itself is just an extremist racist view, and isn't inherent to a political view.
@blumenkraft Like marrying multiple wives or inter-species relationships, whatever you want, there are extreme views, but white supremacy doesn't seem to be the conclusion of a conservative concept.
@blumenkraft or the extreme of a conservative concept.
@blumenkraft if you're putting everyone on a straight line, you have to define what the line is relative to. Extremism of their most extreme view on something (distance) and fiscal policy? Or what?
@blumenkraft it seems like this would be more obvious to you, because of multi-party system. A group will say "we're left of X on Y issue", right? So they have a straight line for every issue. You can't put them on a straight line overall.
@blumenkraft Liberal Cable news anchors would include Don Lemon, Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, Trevor Noah, Chris Cuomo, ect. Since I don’t watch cable, I don’t know any one else.
@blumenkraft I think a miss-understanding on your part is our political spectrum. Here in the US, the Left-Right debate is about the size of government, where as in Europe the size is agreed upon and the debate falls to who gets to control it.
@j_r_snook the most cogent explanation I’ve ever witnessed. 👏🏽
@blumenkraft So in your eyes; American politics is probably to the Right-Far Right.
@j_r_snook in my eyes, and in the eyes of the world. ;)
@blumenkraft Just because you define where the center is strictly, doesn't make it non-arbitrary!
@blumenkraft and because of bias in the language and tribal marking, there's good reason for different people to define it differently.
@33MHz people like Bernie Sanders would be perceived as center/left here.
@blumenkraft But it isn't really left<--->right, it's multidimensional. So the table leaves people's claims dubious.
@blumenkraft there are just only two well-funded parties, which tends to be what people really mean when they talk about it, not that the other dimensional views aren't there.
@blumenkraft what is a lefty?
@blumenkraft Most of the mainstream American media is owned and managed by liberal interest. They may not explicitly state it, but most of them have socialist/communist sympathies of redistributing wealth and political power.
@blumenkraft got about half way through, I’ll finish it when it’s baby nap time.
Hard for me to take him seriously after his Noam Chomsky bit, Noam was in the NYT as recently as last week. 🤷‍♀️
@Wife he is not happening on cable news. but Tucker Carlson is! he's a white nationalist. and this is one of the biggest cable TV show there. i think that tells you something about how the political landscape is skewed to the right.
@Wife I listened to someone read her letter today. Ultimately NYT has made a decision how to run and they will be too blind to understand her. But it was very interesting to me.
@mandy I was talking with friends about how little urbanites (and maybe especially on the coasts) understand rural and middle Americans. It felt related.
@mandy especially the part of her letter about being hired because of the NYT being so blindsided by Trump’s win.
I never liked him, but realized his momentum and potential long before Election Day. I remember being surprised that people were surprised
@Wife you and I are thinking alike. Some of the coastal urbanites despise us middle people more than they are even aware of themselves. It has been my growing suspicion for years.