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I've been doing some cleanup of my various chat networks, bringing my #matrix account back to a self-hosted instance, and tuning my #xmpp server. And while I'm at taking #deltachat for a more serious run. Maybe it'll be less friction for some.
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Likely a result of recent Slack shenanigans, the pressure on the server is a good reminder of why I should just run my own #matrix instance. It also just adds to my appreciation of how much nicer it is to run and use #xmpp.
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Whoa, looking forward to the latest #Thunderbird. #matrix
@thrrgilag @33MHz Shame, I guess they decide it's not worth maintaining since people have Slack and Discord (not ideal).

Prefer #matrix more in my view.
@33MHz Well I’m hoping for #matrix but I’d be happy as long as they went with something more open than slack but I guess we’ll see when they make the decision.
@thrrgilag People are generally moving to modern alternatives (Slack). Not holding my breath for them to move to #Matrix, but...
Communities (aka Groups) are here!! [] #matrix
For those curious about #matrix checkout and
The new version of Riot (#matrix client) and Synapse (#matrix server) dropped today! It now has support for communities which is a way to group users and rooms together. I'm looking forward to seeing how this new feature evolves.
I finally got around to switching most of my IRC usage over to #matrix. At least for the networks that are officially bridged. My chats are consolidating. 😁
I ported the #xmpp bot I made for cross posting over to #matrix and it's working pretty well so far. :D
I *think* I have my #matrix server running the way I want finally. Had a bit of a hiccup but with the update that just dropped today things are working better now. Next order of business will be to see what kind of bots I can hack in.
My experimentation with #matrix is going well. Managed to bridge a public room on my matrix matrix instance with a muc room on my xmpp server with both local and remote users in each network accessing it. Should be fun to see what I can do with ... more []
Starting to play around with #Matrix ( finally.

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