@hackernews oops Parler got hacked nog time. Don’t have an account there but oops what a drama.
Good thing we have our super secure pnut.
// @33MHz
@ludolphus ho hum, nothing to see here on the goober pea site, move along plz. 😅
@ludolphus @33MHz apparently you have to enter your SSN to use some parts of Parlor, which I found incredible. I don't care how much I want to use a social media platform. Giving them that level of personal info is mind boggling
@thedoctor @33MHz @ludolphus Yes, I was very surprised about the SSN. How would people not from US enroll? and why would a wingnut be giving out that. I0 million users SSNs is quite a haul.
@prometheus @thedoctor @ludolphus that is an impressive requirement. How would they know it's real? 😆
@33MHz @ludolphus @thedoctor They really wouldn't unless they had a connection to a DB used by banks etc to detect fraud. unlikely. But that number does guarantee unique accounts or flag stolen ID when there is a collision.
@prometheus Not sure if Facebook still does something similar, I heard from people that had to provide passport copy or some other ID to prove they are who they say they are. @thedoctor @33MHz
@prometheus @ludolphus @33MHz I think you had to upload a photo of your passport or SSN card. Then a person verified it and you are good to go.
@thedoctor @33MHz @ludolphus That is hard to believe. I am glad I am hearing it from reliable sources:) I pity those who so desperately need to hear from others who hate that they would drop their guard that low.
@prometheus No idea how that would work in Europe. We have (at least in the Netherlands) a similar number but I would never give that to an internet site/app. Even passport copy for hotel I remove the number from the copy.
@33MHz @thedoctor
@prometheus @33MHz @ludolphus regarding the Parler SSN bit, I've discovered that you only needed an email and telephone number to register. You could upload a government-issued ID to become verified. The SSN was only necessary to became an influencer.
@thedoctor @ludolphus @33MHz not sure why Parler would want that or how they would use that. Very interesting nuggets for those mining the spilled info.