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@33MHz what will you name this new ocean?
Entropy Is Fatal
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@joe yes, nature, which it would benefit us immeasurably to proclaim the whole of which we are all but a part, has patiently and perpetually offered us the lessons we should trust. "This is because it's what can be, the rest only thrashing imagination"
@peemee Uncanny! Not just a prediction of technology but of its ensuing predicaments.
@jeremycherfas @Kabuku If the past is any indication, the irrational minority who remain deluded that a flood of guns in a few unregulated hands make us safe will continue, breaking democracy if need be, to squelch any effective halt to the carnage.
BTW, it was a HackerNews link and some idle surfing that led me to that link.
Just have to say that SOME folks know how to ride out a period of lock-down/quarantine [core.korg.berlin]. Dying of stroke or heart attack beats the hell out of dying of Covid or loneliness.
but there will be other blooms that you have always missed because they happen in places out west.
@33MHz Safe travels and have fun.
@Kabuku The disposal MUST have GFI, The rest of the outlets in a kitchen /should/ be GFI but the breakers cost up to $50 and putting a GFI breaking outlet between breaker box and string of normal outlets is legal and cheaper.
@Kabuku Did you use the µwave?
@Kabuku It would appear that the very strong human inclination to band together has fatal boundaries. It allows, or demands exclusion and it is blind to the same self-satisfying weaknesses that plague individual humans.
@Kabuku Good Luck. Not much to loose. I should add that an observed failure mode for microwaves [i.e. OURS did this:] dead short , probably in the power supply. Proved by touching ohm meter to various places after removing the cover.
@Kabuku In fact, the Youtube how-to for this kind of breaker tripping explained much pricier fixes. My fridge would be on dedicated circuit had the house been built to code. but instead of changing out the breaker I HAD to isolate the load: shared line.
@Kabuku The virtue of that cheapo plug is isolation from ground and arc fault sensitivity. Appliances you could possibly touch with one hand while the other was grounded by, say, the sink must not be isolated. But a microwave NOT near the sink is OK.
@33MHz I am more inclined to micro-loans. The problem is the amount of time it takes to vet the people and purposes. I like loans more than grants because I am poor and repayment shows success and perpetuates funding capacity.
@Kabuku find out if the microwave is on an arc-fault breaker. They are notorious for nuisance tripping. I had the problem with a 10year old GE fridge. There is a $1.49 fix: a grounded-to-ungrounded adapter plug. NOT for fixes in or near the sink.
@phoneboy Noted. TN eh? I had a story that started like your post but back in 2009. Some things are so broken you just have to finish 'em off and start over. I hope freedom doesn't cost you too much.
@joe Oh man, that sucks. He seems fairly calm as he writes but his wish to spare the boy may be where she really has a way to break his heart.
@Kabuku And golf?

You gave up too much to turn back now.