Netflix was unhappy with me reporting a missing DVD. Gave me a phone number which immediately connected me to a human (after giving a code "at the bottom of any page") who marked it missing for me and said it would be at my house tomorrow.
@33MHz wait, Netflix still does DVDs?
@shawn it's the best thing in the world. 2 blurays/mo for $6.
@33MHz hmmm, is the Blu-ray catalog any different than the online catalog?
@shawn yeah, very different. Licensing on physical media is a lot less restricted than digital. Though these days some of your Amazon/Netflix/Disney/etc productions don't get physical releases.
@33MHz actually... you can purchase Netflix Originals (the ones released exclusively for the platform) Series. It isn’t well known. Stranger Things Netflix Exclusive Complete Season 1 and Season 2 Bundle, DVD / Blu-ray Discs in VHS Style Boxes []
@33MHz @jacobrealo wow, that's really interesting. German Netflix has been notoriously lousy, though the streaming catalogue here has vastly improved over the years. I'm curious if the DVD/Blu-ray selection in Germany is similarly troubled.