Watching this movie again tonight as today, May 25th is where Carrie White is awarded Prom Queen at her senior dance....

...we all know what eventually happened.

Carrie (1976)
cookie jar (i)
@joe It might just be me, but I didn’t like it as an adaptation. I know it is well regarded but there is so much content that is left out that elevates the entire climax.
@jacobrealo Fair enough, as there are some scenes that are questionable for sure although I enjoyed it mostly.

I need to watch the 2014 film adaption at some point and compare the two to the book.
@joe Mostly the same.
@jacobrealo I read the booklet that Arrow UK provided for the 4K release and it did mention that budget constraints at the time (not knowing if United Artists would back it then) caused some of the aforementioned changes.