How to wash beeswax butcher block.
@mandy Should be able to work it down to wood treating once a month. Sand blemishes when it gets bad, and treat that more frequently until it's back to normal.
@mandy the wax should wear off through use, and then you just re-treat.
@33MHz Hmm. I was guessing that, like cast iron and pizza stone, you can wash, clean, scrub as long as you don’t dig into the coating.
@mandy It is thought about in the same way, yep, but while some of the material does seep in and harden deeper in the wood, the wax stays near the top. Unlike cast iron, you don't want the finish to improve with um, use. 😛
@mandy and if the wood gets worn or damaged, you can always hand-sand the top layer off, and restart treating.