@mlv Michael, do you have a name yet for Tim Hadron's ship?
@bazbt3 Tim? I may be forgetting, but if I'm not, Tim doesn't have his own ship. His father, Captain Hadron (who I don't think I gave a first name to, or did I [citation needed]?)'s ship is the Endeavor.
@mlv Ah. I have a post in my ADN timeline Captain Hadron is Tim, son Timmy (II, the LHC), but at least we agree Tim's dad has no name. (Clint is too obvious.) :D

I shall use 'Endeavor', thanks!
@mlv In my limited time before work I struggled to find a citation other than at my repo:


Spurious maybe?
@mlv Followup: "Tim Hadron" at line 2547981 in: 'find_wedc_ADN_JSON.txt' in directory: https://github.com/bazbt3/the_thorgon_empire/blob/master/bazbt3_timeline/

You are of course correct, I assumed he was Captain. It'd be a lot easier if he was. :)
@bazbt3 I'm confused. Who wrote that?

Anyway, that certainly sounds like something the good captain would think.