Goodbye, snow. You aren't long for this world.
@33MHz ha! Useful for sledding and the unexpected day off, but otherwise good riddance! :p
@kabuku it was great to have real snow for a couple weeks and get the kids out in it. But it was quite cold! Also good for figuring out the worst insulation offenses to handle.
@33MHz that’s right! How is the rehab rolling along?
@kabuku things are progressing just fine. The last few weeks has been focused on the basement primarily… Someone else grouted it, so I've been cleaning, insulated around the windows, fixed the laundry vent…
@kabuku I took out the single outlet and light down there, and now have 6 lights (two on a motion sensor), and so far 3 outlets, with 3 more to put in. I also re-ran the electric to all the 1fl lights, and fixed some under-gauged 1fl outlets!
@33MHz Can’t tell which are busier this time of year: you or the bees!?