For the first few weeks of this I fell off all my health habits - no exercise, binge eating.
Now I'm finding a good new routine at home. Back on the road to recovery.
@po same. I’ve gone back to intermittent fasting.
@jacobrealo I'm thinking about that. I had a few recent personal realisations in terms of nutrition etc, IF might be a next step for me.
@jacobrealo All the best for the IF :)
@po I hear ya, fruit consumption became almost non existent for a while, slowly putting things straight again.
@Andrew Lots of nice strawberries around at the moment! @po
@Indigo I had a lovely batch of strawberries last week. Yum!

// @Andrew @po
@joanna Our weekly trip to the farmers’ market has been replaced by a weekly order on a site for local producers. I think their strawberries actually come from the same people who have a stall at the farmers’ market. @Andrew @po
@Indigo I've started ordering from a restaurant supply warehouse that threw together an online site to sell contact-free to the public. So far, I've been very happy with the results.
@joanna I like being able to buy from some of the same people. The butcher does a local delivery round after the market.
@Indigo I was doing a farm-to-work thing for a couple of years but they discontinued the service about a year ago so I've just been shopping at a big grocery store since. The supply place offers "local" on several things and I choose those when able.
@po Working from home I noticed I was eating more, and I haven't picked up exercising again yet. I'm a very habitual person; if it's not in my routine, it doesn't get done. Biking to work was good for that.
@33MHz I’m finding that while the dog’s recovering. If he’s not getting walks, I don’t walk either, though I could perfectly well go on my own. @po
@po @indigo That's also why I don't eat breakfast… Hum…
@33MHz Yeah my routines really took a beating when I stopped my regular work travel.
@po Good to hear.

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@po the Belly Wobble is real. I just wibbly wobble around, snacking as I go.