Early birthday gift: Boogie Board Blackboard. 😊
It has a nice tactile feel. Very pleasant!

I’m not sure where it is made entirely but the “liquid crystal paper” is made in Ohio.
@mandy oh, nice! The kids have an inexpensive one, but they seem nice if it were a good build.
@33MHz It is a delight so far. But archiving isn’t easy. Glare is the issue!

The app Scanner Pro actually works better than the vendor’s app.
@mandy the vendor provides an app for taking pictures of it?
@33MHz Yes. It will transform the image to black writing on white background if you don’t like green on black.
@33MHz I bought a Rocketbook notebook that I rather like. The app does a very good job of scanning and straightening photos of the pages that you can then save pretty much anywhere.

// @mandy
@joanna interesting. Makes me think of. @duerig's machinations. /@mandy
@33MHz I've used it at a few shows to jot down set lists. It's a lot less distracting than typing things on my phone which tends to aggravate people. They automatically assume that I'm texting rather than taking notes.

// @mandy