Shiny is better.

The main preferences and authentication interface was a great playground to find the best architecture. I moved on to the compose view after and as of this afternoon I have a basic editor and drafts interface. #prosedev
I’ve been experimenting with unidirectional reducers/view models [] and I’m finding them extremely helpful. Normally, I find reactive frameworks too clever for their own good but my “framework” is one class that’s less than 50 lines. Very neat #prosedev
I’m still plugging away on the iPad. Wrote a Keychain wrapper last night, rewrote the networking layers, and updated the authentication endpoint.

I have all the pieces to start making the account management system. Really excited #prosedev
I’ve been working on the Authentication flow for Prose for the past two days. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. #prosedev
I‘ve been exhausted and unable to code this week. However, I‘ve managed to think through some ideas. Somehow I mustered enough energy tonight and those ideas proved quite fruitful.

Reloading in place is working! #prosedev
Okay, just made a huge step forward. I can scroll through hundreds of rows and it's incredibly smooth. No warnings, inconsistencies, or optimisations.

This is extremely exciting. #prosedev
Ohhhhmagerd, more to follow. Trying not to loose my mind over here #prosedev
I've come so close to implementing what I want in SwiftUI but there are some edge cases that are still causing me trouble. My motivation is sputtering today so I think a walk with Huey might do me well. #prosedev
omg omg omg omg omg #prosedev
I took today to rethink how the list is modelled internally and experiment with how minimal the state machine driving it can be. Turns out I need the three stages #prosedev
And the bag of SwiftUI tricks is yet deeper. I started using an array of enum values to propagate multiple preference values at once but also using transformPreference allows me to build and modify a layout before its read and stored. #prosedev
After a big high and another swooping low last night, I stepped back and realized the state machine was actually functioning as intended.

I opened a new project and started with a new layout model and it’s going better than expected. #prosedev
I've been confident in my solutions before but since eliminating some framework warnings last week my goal was to silence the rest. I've never accomplished that until tonight.

So naturally the pessimist in me is still watching the console... #prosedev
I finished a big rewrite/solidification tonight and after some initial on device testing it looks like the most robust iteration yet. A distillation of about 6 different approaches over the past few weeks. #prosedev

You gave up too much to turn back now.