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The quote was from here:
Regarding XEN:
"The second first principle of crypto as designed by Nakamoto is truth by consensus. I can trust you without having to share additional information with you because the underlying protocol is in charge of verifying all the information. XEN is an open source smart contract deployed on the Ethereum protocol."
BIG red flag: it's built on Ethereum which is now even PoS.

Even before the switch, Vitalik was able to unroll blocks (in that case because of the "DAO Hack" - in my opinion: "DAO programming bug"). The XEN guys talk about consensus as a "principle of crypto" - what consensus is it if the founder can just claim a bunch of blocks are "bad" and persuade people to switch to another chain?

And now with PoS that basically becomes the norm. Whoever has the most ETH (Ethereum dev team) has the ability to decide which blocks are good or bad. Therefore all the claims that XEN makes are only as strong as the guarantees that the underlying network can provide.

And I don't see how Ethereum network provides the guarantees that XEN would like to provide.
Even when talking about speed: I worked with smart contracts at uni in the past and if I remember correctly, any interaction with the contract was *an ETH transaction*. So, for making a XEN tx you need to make an ETH tx. If ETH blockchain is full, how will you pay XEN?
#XEN Crypto is disinflationary*.

* is a temporary slowing of the pace of price inflation and is used to describe instances when the inflation rate has reduced marginally over the short term.
Mint first, ask questions later. #XEN

@gate_io has listed $XEN

@XEN_Crypto is a project of @mrJackLevin, an early Google Engineer (‘99-05) and founder of Imageshack.

Project features:
Free mint.
Minimum amount of code.
No initial supply, no max cap of the supply.
No admin keys.
@blumenkraft you’re welcome of course. Jack Levin, very smart guy.
@ludolphus thanks! :)
@blumenkraft 😂 you don’t want this anyway right? But for example Metamask is one you can use for this. It connects a web app to your own wallet.
what is a web3 wallet?
Check out

Bitcoin was free once, XEN is free now!

Litepaper here:

Mint | Claim | Stake #xen #xencrypto

There is no pre-mint, founders do not own any. Same for everyone. If you wonder why Ethereum was slow yesterday evening and why fees were so high... XEN :) Go claim yours, it will only cost you a little time and some gas fees.

You can mint for 1 day to up to 364 now. The max # of days will slowly increase. For more info read the Litepaper, very interesting new fair crypto.
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