666th pnut with 2 believers, 2 found worthy, 1 trackers. Listen to the gossip.
Proud member of the isn't part of a club club.
Human in Europe/Stockholm.

Shiny is better.

@33MHz the two are not mutually exclusive.
@33MHz hey, is your background a still from Zone 66? I loved the music from that intro as a kid, though I never really got into the game.
@po @33MHz I'm not sure how to cast a pod; I've never tried. I once pretended to be a youtuber named Junktalker to play a joke on some kids though.
@33MHz wait, do 'nanas not grow on plum trees anymore? Catchy song!

Scottish history (future)

@33MHz @ccp @wife @kabuku one day we will settle that score. I am gathering my warriors.
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I have failed to bake or otherwise acquire any pumpernickel. But maybe I just figured out how to use this again. We'll see where this text ends up when I click "post".
@33MHz over here it is tomorrow.

You gave up too much to turn back now.