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@33MHz @po @optimisticotter Hello and bon jour! Indila est francais... Tho apparently she's big in Turkey for some reason. Great for improving my vocab!
@33MHz you flatter me, i am not worthy 😀
@33MHz Je suis ici!
@33MHz rumor has it rumors were false. just a cover band that convinced some people
@33MHz ah, delightful! Let' see, we did it with a 3-month-er and then later with a 10-month-er. Wouldn't change it for the world, but quite exhausting. I'll try to help convince your parents to come this year ;) Family helps SO MUCH
@33MHz yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
@33MHz sorry. thanks for continuing to invite me. One of these days..
@Wife my friend just showed me one I think it was called Sky View? It was pretty useful, AR style.
5yo: "Mommy, you said you would be done in a minute, but I counted to 60, cuz a minute is 60 seconds, and you weren't done!"
@igmp_join very nice.
@igmp_join I've been using https://in-the-sky.org/skymap.php to get my bearings. IIUC sounds like Saturn is near opposition right now, so maybe brighter than usual, mag 0, left of Scorpius from where I stand.
@33MHz @igmp_join Hubble wins every time. Dang telescope.
5yo's favorite song is "Rebirthing" by Skillet. We're either succeeding or failing at parenting, not sure which.
cookie jar (d)
@igmp_join Nice, so what magnitude can you see then? If you can see any stars you should be able to see Saturn right now. I think. I could be confused tho.
@33MHz @igmp_join haha, I did see the Earth last night!
@igmp_join V,J,M + Saturn (to the south) + Mercury (barely, near Venus, too close to horizon usually but I caught it last two nights)

I missed Mars tho cuz it doesn't clear my trees til my bedtime... Should be better in a couple weeks tho..
@33MHz Just the school field next to my house. Can't see much in the city but I've been trying to learn about what the ones I can... and some of the brightest ones are planets!
If the skies are clear enough I might be able to see five planets tonight. #astronomynerd
Hello worlds....

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