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We are officially at 400,000 deaths by COVID-19. Unofficially? Who knows?
@33MHz When I purchased music last century, it forced me to listen to albums I would today skip because it had value. And listening and re-listening could turn my opinion around on an album I initially disliked.
@33MHz As much as I love streaming, the problem is that it's a never ending firehose of music. It devalues music, and I find myself impatient to hear the next song.
@33MHz There are ”liner notes” on Bandcamp. SWANS Michael Gira is pretty thorough. I read the lyrics at Genius. I wish the liner notes and lyrics were all in one place.
My New Years' resolution is to listen to music like I did last century: purchase one album each paycheck and listen to it repeatedly until the next paycheck. This week's purchase is SWANS The Seer.

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Officer: Do you know how fast you were going?

Me: where were you the evening of January 6th?

Always relevant.
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@33MHz I’m hoping they joined Signal for the same reasons I did. Otherwise, I’m crushed.
📰 I have a list of new sources on Twitter covering the gamut from Democracy Now! to OAN that you might find useful. https://twitter.com/i/lists/1345464251440189442
Friends and acquaintances who show up on my Signal account have been scant over the last few years. But in the previous week, there's been quite an uptick. There can be many reasons for this, but I have to wonder, are some of them QAnon?
🎶 Christian Sager’s mix fr. Aspects of Physics, BATTLES, Atomsmasher, Sannhet, dj/rupture, Run the Jewels, MONO, Thrones, Russian Circles, Sunn O)))) & Boris, OXES, The Fucking Champs & more. http://josephaleo.com/blog/soundwave-37-christian-sager
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I've replaced my home screen with widgets for the next month.

1. Smart Stack: rotates to most relevant information throughout the day.

2. New York Times: top headlines of the day.

3. Siri Suggestions: app suggestions based on my usage.
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🎧 Afternoon listening: Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs BBC-R1 Essential Mix https://soundcloud.com/t-e-e-d/bonobo-totally-enormous-extinct-dinosaurs-bbc-r1-essential-mix-17102020
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GA Senator Jordan, who attended hearing w/ Giuliani: “Little did I know that most credible death threat that I encountered last week was Trump’s own lawyer…. Giuliani — maskless, in packed hearing room for 7 hours. To say I am livid would be too kind.”
I’d bash the hell out of this piñata.
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Thank you Spotify Discover Weekly for helping discover that the same for Cypress Hill's "Ultraviolet Dreams" came from Muddy Waters' "Tom Cat."


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A week or so FB locked me out of my account for unknown reasons. I think it might be because I never gave FB my phone number (don't be coy, FB, I know you know my phone number). Aside from FB groups I found I don't miss it. Thanks for opening my eyes, FB.
An unexpected pleasure of The Mandalorian is breaking sown each episode with my best friend. I haven't done anything like since I was teen.
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Catching up on some Swans albums I misses and the To Be Kind LP is a doozy. Somewhere along the line Michael Gira decided Swans would be the house band for the apocalypse. https://swans.bandcamp.com/album/to-be-kind
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You gave up too much to turn back now.