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Shiny is better.

I really hope there are no pnut stats anywhere at the end of the year, because I hardly posted anything. To my excuse: I did not post much on any other social media platform either. 😜
@33MHz Is it just me or do longpo.st links currently don't work due to SSL problems?
@33MHz it was supposed to be a shark, so yeah, no skills for me ;)
I got lost in the #drawingChallenge sorry to @33MHz for not contributing a better masterpiece
cookie jar (i)
@33MHz okay, I'll wait and see what happens then
@33MHz cannot remember having seen any here, but that could be fun, although I'll probably skip that challenge due to missing drawing skills
@33MHz first just a Wednesday challenge, then a drawing challenge... that escalated quickly 🤣
One tiny cup of Espresso contains roughly three times the amount of caffeine, compared to a glass of Cola. Hot drinks preferred here. #wedc
"The whole universe?" "Yes, every piece of it." "That changes everything!" She left the secret room in her closet and the door disappeared behind her. "What was I looking for?" she thought, grabbing her cup of tea and turning on the TV. #wedc
"Chess is full of magic numbers: 64 fields, 32 in either black or white, 16 pieces per player, 8 rows and columns, 4 rooks occupying the corners, 2 players, 1 goal." "Never thought of it that way. Checkmate!" A new, clean board appears. #webc
Also had to find out (hidden somewhere in the forums) that the Creative Cloud 15% discount is an only-once offer for new customers. Existing CC users cannot use that discount. And it's only for the first year.
@33MHz Yes. Also - if reading the TOS correctly - your account can be terminated due to inactivity. And if you have more than 1000 pics as a free user, they'll get deleted back to 1000 in February.
After today's email by Flickr it is even more unlikely that I will rethink my decision to not upgrade to Pro. They do not seem to really care about the normal/free users. Not sure that Pro user's discounts are really that useful.
Is it too early for "My New Year's resolution: 1920 by 1080" postings?
33MHz (passed by jcoder)
If you need a mindless catchy sandbox browser game: sandspiel.club
"What happened to the last universe?" "It got destroyed by a logic error." "Really?" "Yeah, there was a #WednesdayChallenge on a social media platform on the topic of 'prompt' and someone replied that he refuses to write about 'prompt'." "Neat."
@blumenkraft No. Either displaying an embedded video player (with play button and no preloading) or manual download via link. Don't want a 600MB video being downloaded without my interaction.
@blumenkraft I'll take that as a joke and hope that something like that only happens for small video files ;)
@blumenkraft wow, using BETA in Chrome 70 automatically downloads the video file to my computer which is a little bit scary 😮
@33MHz Thanks, just having a cold, nothing bad but still s*cks. Maybe I'll get a post worthy idea on the weekend ;)

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