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Shiny is better.

google calendar.
rats, i missed MNDP
@33MHz finally joining tonight!
@33MHz even better on a Monday
@33MHz no, it doesn't. wish they had chairs and breaks....
still wiped after yesterday's work shift. not used to being on my feet for 8+ hours a day again.
@33MHz dewit
heh, github finally brings dark mode. and the announcement video for it is great, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiWjanAdD3s&t=13m22s
@33MHz Orthodoxy!
the only thing that's kept me sane during my last two weeks in quarantine has been playing Minecraft with my friends who are also quarantined.... hello middle school again i guess
@33MHz love it. cozy vibes inside.
@joanna ha! yeah, i like my screen real-estate, but i also value my pocket real-estate... plus, i don't know if there's enough difference between the 12 max and the regular 12 to justify the cost difference, either.
// @thedoctor
quarantined day 2: people have been making my roommate and I cookies. hoisting them up in a bag/rope contraption thru our window. more convos out the window with other neighbors. overall, were thriving!
@33MHz doh! it just occured to me that it's an sms to pnut client, not a pnut to sms client. i'm trying to configure a sms notification system for something, which i think is the opposite of the sms to pnut client...
@33MHz ah, gotcha, my bad, i assumed you were sending sms via email instead of using a service. some cell providers allow you to just send an email to the sms number @ the provider's domain, which for some reason was the way i thought you were doing it.
@33MHz speaking of which, I opened pnut just now to ask you about how the pnut -> sms client works. do you have a stmp server set up? or just an automated email forwarder on a pre-existing service like gmail?
@33MHz ha!
the bad news is that I *technically* can't leave my room. the good news is that I guess I have a chance reconfigure all my computers finally...
quarantined along with the 18 or so other guys i live with for the next 14 days.... almost made it to the end of the semester

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