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I am proud to be a Geek and a Maker.

I break things.

I design and build cool robots!

I build with Arduino (and compatibles), Raspberry Pi, and nVidia Jetson. I program in Python, CircuitPython, and C/C++.

Shiny is better.

This is dinner tonight:
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I had to turn lunch away today because it was two burritos that are spicy and/or had red chilis in them. All I have had to eat so far was two pieces of banana bread and a mini muffin. So, I do not get lunch today. :( :(
Today is a bad wonky head day. :( :( I am having moderate to severe episodes. Sometimes, I can hardly stand up. :(
@thrrgilag I am still interested in Rust but have not put any time into working with it. My brain is.. Ooooo, SHINY!

// @33MHz @igmp_join
@thrrgilag What is this derived from?
It is:

Temperature : 107.6°F / 42.0°C
Humidity : 30.8%

in my room at 9:18 pm PDT.
CRAP! I woke up hungry because I am not getting enough calories and not the right calories in meals distributed by people who own this house. They only allow $50.00 to $70.00 per person per month for meals. I am all out of my own supplementary food.
I feel like just shutting down right now. I still have a 3D Printer I can not use because I can not finish putting together. I stripped a hole in the new fan shroud. :( I still need parts for some projects. I am soooooo tired and frustrated. :( :(
It is currently (at 9:30PM PDT)

Temperature : 94.4°F / 34.6°C
Humidity : 40.6%

in my room.
@33MHz I am always lonely, so I do not notice any difference.
Why can not people stay out of where they do not belong. I have a relationship with my sister, not her husband.
My little sister and I may be about to have a problem, thanks to her husband. Apparently, her husband thinks I am taking advantage of my sister, which is not true. I HATE having to ask for help and would prefer to get along on my own without it.
@33MHz I am tired and hungry.
The chrome-colored assembly in the front view picture of the printer is the Extruder (upper) and Hotend (lower). The new fan shroud for my 3D Printer arrived today! It fits over the Hotend and holds cooling fans.
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Here are a few pictures of my 3D Printer - an Ender 3 V2. Front, Side, and a close-up view of the anti-backlash nut. The filament is the spool of blue at the top.
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This is the kind of meal we get for dinner. This dinner for tonight, 07-11-2021. There is nothing else.

This one of the better dinners.
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I am getting very anxious to get the new fan shroud for my Ender 3 V2. It has arrived (yesterday), but I have to wait for somebody who has a key to the mailbox to get it for me

I hate the way the owner handles mail here.
@thrrgilag That may well be the conclusion I come to also. I am keeping an open mind though.
Temperature : 92.4°F / 33.6°C
Humidity : 41.5%

You gave up too much to turn back now.