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@jacobrealo It should be the same or a similar situation for podcasts.
@jacobrealo Most shows have pre-chosen points where commercials can be inserted easily. Networks or stations can just pick different commercials when a show is televised.
@33MHz I have been tinkering with multi-display support for one of the Adafruit libraries. It is almost completely working now. This treats two or more of the four-digit displays as one big display. I am testing with three displays now.
A package that was delivered for me Thursday was ransacked and the contents were taken. We found the shipping envelope, but the contents were gone. :(
I had a doctor's appointment I forgot about and almost did not get ready for. The doctor already got the diagnosis from my sleep study! I am well on the way to getting a machine to help me sleep at night. :) YAY!
I think I am at that point in my project where the last 10% of the work takes the remaining 90% of the effort.
@phoneboy I read that and it is a great article from a man who knows about this stuff. We should let be what will be and move on about our own pursuits.
I have been fairly productive today. I have my latest Adafruit Blinka project to the point where I can start testing with actual circuits - GPIOs (16), I2C (2), and UARTs (2). There are also FAN out / FAN tach pins. I will not support SPI on the UDOO Bolt.
@joe What precedent? There is none to be set here.

// @jacobrealo @thedoctor @j_r_snook @jeremycherfas
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Independent Podcasting

Just because Spotify signed Joe Rogan to an exclusive deal, it does not mean other media companies are going to do the same thing. They may or may not do this. Either way, this will not kill indepen…

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@jeremycherfas Well said, and I agree!!

@joe @thedoctor @j_r_snook @jacobrealo
@joe These articles are just written to create conflict. Conflict sells more ads. This is *really* what it is all about - more money from ads so they can raise the price of ads so they can get more...

@thedoctor @jeremycherfas @j_r_snook @jacobrealo
@joe These articles make so many assumptions to get to their conclusions. I will not take them seriously until I see action. I say again that I do not think this is possible.

// @thedoctor @jeremycherfas @j_r_snook @jacobrealo
I am working on my most complex change to Adafruit stuff now. It requires many changes to many files in two different repos. It involves adding the UDOO Bolt to Blinka, Adafruit's #Circuitpython compatibility layer for Linux.
@GTWilson We will *always* find you... You can run, but you can not hide... ;)

It is good to see you back here!

// @thedoctor @joe @jacobrealo @33MHz
@GTWilson We are blaming @33MHz for all the bad stuff this week. :) Oh, Robert, I did not see you there... ;) So sorry!

// @33MHz @jacobrealo @joe
There will always be those who preach doom, regardless of the cause. Why? Because doom, gloom, and conflict sell papers and commercials! For whatever reason, a lot of people just seem to tune out when something good is being reported. This is OUR media!
@joe Please remember that having a lot of money does NOT guarantee success, now, or in the past. This will continue to be true in the fuiture.

// @jacobrealo @j_r_snook
@j_r_snook Yes! We, especially we rascals, do not take kindly to being censored! I think we will always look for ways to support the "little guy" rather than patronize the big guys.

// @joe
@joe This just is not going to happen. As long as people have free will and can choose what they listen to when they listen, and how they listen, independent podcasting will continue to thrive and grow.

// @thedoctor @jeremycherfas @j_r_snook @jacobrealo
@Wife It went well and I am back home now.

You gave up too much to turn back now.