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I am proud to be a Geek and a Maker.

I break things.

I design and build cool robots!

I build with Arduino (and compatibles), Raspberry Pi, and nVidia Jetson. I program in Python, CircuitPython, and C/C++.

Shiny is better.

I am getting my FIRST 3D Printer! It will arrive Thursday! It is a Creality Ender 3 V2 [creality.com]. I already got my first spool of filament [amazon.com].
Here are some very cool LEGO ball machines [youtube.com].
This person does not have *any* sense of coding style, including the use of indentation. When I was working as a "maintenance programmer," I had to do this to some very old and badly written MS BASIC code before I could even begin to modify it.
It is always fun when you have to *completely* reformat somebody's code before you can even begin to modify it. I will pull some of the newly reformatted and rewritten code into my own.
Lots happening today! A new Purple [purple.com] mattress is arriving, as well as an Adafruit order and mattress cover.
I have switched context to Circuitpython and am debugging a couple of scripts.
Today, I worked on my little Arduino robot. I changed the way I was doing things in the setSpeed() routine. Rather than raise an error, it just sets the speed to SPEED_MAX or SPEED_MIN as appropriate.
@jacobrealo There is one app for iOS that I would really like to have, but spending so much money on an iPad 12.9" Pro just is not in the cards.
@joe I really do not like all the integrated Alexa, etc. stuff in TVs these days. It seems that you can not do *anything* without the remote. Well, I *can* work around mine.

@ludolphus I think we all have a love/hate relationship with programming at times. :) I know I do, especially when the computer does not do what I want it to do.
@Streakmachine I agree too! There had better be something special *in* the package.

// @joanna
Greetings, Program!
I have not been sleeping well, so it is good that I have plenty of things I can do when I am up. This morning, I dusted my Jetson Nano off and tinkered with it a bit because there was more set up to do. I even installed Rust on it.
It looks like I am only going to get $600.00 for this stimulus check. The website says I have to file income tax in order to get any more. This really sucks!
Is anyone using Platform IO with VS Code?
I am no longer using the Arduino IDE. I have set Microsoft VS Code up and it is working fine. I installed the PlatformIO and Arduino extensions to VS Code. Now, PlatformIO handles all the Arduino IDE tasks *and* gives many more benefits.
I *really* want one of these kits [amazon.com] when I am ready to build a Jetson powered robot.
cookie jar (i)
@33MHz Ah, OK! It is done!
@joe Thank you. I can not take credit for the design though. I got this as a kit [amazon.com] off Amazon.

I have the not plus version before it was discontinued. This is relatively easy to assemble, but there are a couple kinks in the design.
@33Mhz I forgot how to change my avatar. How do I do that in Beta??

You gave up too much to turn back now.