@cambridgeport90 to my business associates, but you can call me Katherine M. Moss.

The Facts

Listen to the gossip.

I'm a technologist, musician, and I have contacts everywhere, including in other worlds. Particular religious leanings are towards the Druid and ancient Norse ways. I run a few Open Source Projects,and I help contribute to others.

Shiny is better.

@joe My parents had a sort of thing like that a couple years ago when they had to assist my grandparents in moving; though that time was because of freaking COVID.
@33MHz LOL... sounds like something I'd do.
@thedoctor I have already made the switch... I even did an audio test between the two; Apple Music won hands down.
@33MHz Nom. That sounds good.
What if I can't dance worth a dang?
This actually works, or else I'd never post it up here. made $75 so far. I'm sure everyone can use some extra cash. Have a blast. https://send.cloutzap.com/cambridgeport90
@Kabuku I wonder why it's still two weeks for you? It's five days in isolation for us up here.
@jdscolam I forgot about this thing... and it's definitely monday.
More of the same ... at least Dad was ableto plow everything out for the last time, and the snow has stopped.
@JViMedia There will be another one one of these days. Said new one will have VoiceOver accessibility built in. I haven't found a VoiceOver accessible client.
@mandy I need to begin catching services online... though I could never make Zoom at 09:30 on a Sunday morning.
@igmp_join Sounds interesting... Wassabi? Is that good in there? I have never tried that, honestly.
Love wool, but Gods above is it itchy as all hell. Dressed comfortably for the snowstorm that seemed to have hit New England today. Andraste (Celtic) and Skadi (Norse) are pissed about something... either that, or they want to show their blessing...
@peemee That's random... LOL
@33MHz Perl is older, though still valid. But now Python,C#, and PowerShell are stealing it's thunder from what I can gather.
@Ronnie I'm 32 and still at home... so...
@33MHz Probably the psychology types up there thinking I'm publishing hallucinations or something. I have no issues describing the beings with whom I interact.
@33MHz I have a lot more I am careful now about discussing on the internet nowadays. I got the Twitter account dedicated to the spiritual side of my life suspended three times.
@33MHz true though, because not everyone will except a domain of cambridgeport90.org on the end. I have an Outlook address in the event that happens.
@33MHz I've noticed that I don't see anything nasty up here. And all of the bots are actually significant to the network. I'm sure that some of the ones on Twitter are good,too, but n
ot most of them.

You gave up too much to turn back now.