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Human in America/Vancouver.

I’m a social worker whose body is in Seattle, but heart (and home) is in Thailand.

I like many things but my faves are: mini-computing, chiptune/retro/chill/vapourwave, LEGO/DUPLO, craft beers and whiskey.

Shiny is better.

still hardly able to fathom how nice a 3 day break is every work week. I’ll try to make the best of it this time around. Last week I tried resting on my laurels and got almost nothing done. To be fair, not much *could be* done but i also didn’t try. ;)
@33MHz what is it today? more crown work?
In my world, Monday is Friday. So TGIF! 🥳
@joanna I filed before the latest stimulus package was passed. Apparently, those who did so can refile and depending on their individual situation, get a bigger tax break and/or refund. Not sure I want to go through the hassle though.
@joanna I was referring to archiving on the blockchain for medical providers, travel agencies, government agencies and the like. If the card is going to be a proof of status, then it should be held securely by those demanding it.
Bosporus River #ThemeMonday
If COVID-19 vaccination efforts were using the blockchain, the fake fax card and passport market would have never seen the light of day.
If, and i mean an emphatic IF, OnwardMobility can capture the recent shift towards teleworking and make themselves the center of the conversation around what tech to use in this new era, they’d be the new BlackBerry.
what a long, weird day at work it’s been. Glad it’s hump day.
@33MHz rehab city carries on :)
@mikehoss Nice! A palace fit for a king. Yeah, i finished building mine this year. Feels great!
@Streakmachine that happens here too. In the early AM hours. Repeatedly. I almost wonder if it’s intentional sometimes… or maybe they just don’t understand quiet time.
The Journey Continues [every3months.site] is now up for public consumption. :p
@keage spot on lighting and great composition. These are really good! :)
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@mikehoss what what! Did you build your own?
Hour 6 of tromping noises from above. ‘bout ready to go up upstairs and chainsaw this dude’s feet. Who wears boots in the house anyways?
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@meowmeowmeow is this the replacement for daft punk?

You gave up too much to turn back now.