@Kabuku to my business associates, but you can call me Nathan.

411th pnut with 74 believers, 111 found worthy, 583 trackers. Listen to the gossip.
Proud member of the Spinal Tap Club 💉.
Human in Asia/Bangkok.

I enjoy many things but my faves are: mini-computing, chiptune/retro/chill/vapourwave, and LEGO/DUPLO. 🏁

Shiny is better.

A day of utter relaxation interspersed with mild fits of painting. Blow me down Scotty!
@Streakmachine crap < Elevator Muzak < vapourwave ≠ smooth jazz
@thedoctor I’m in the general area of six months since my second shot, so I guess I’ll start looking around. Getting a vaccine in Thailand is already hard to come by but booster shots? No idea if those are available yet.
@Wife please tell me that comes with a side of mashed taters 🤤
@Streakmachine would you accept vapourwave instead of smooth jazz?
@33MHz @kyle yah. Argh …but also good riddance. Toxic management and a work culture that’s completely upside down. Hopefully I can find work in Laos or Korea soon. :)
@Wife hmm. A dystopian sci fi novel kind of feels like the same thing as watching/reading the news nowadays. Maybe I’ll do that.. 😬
@thedoctor what’s the story on those? Are they widely available at walk in medical facilities or is it had by application only? Free of charge?
@kyle also I was summarily disinvited back to work after the break because of some internal politics, so I’ll be taking more than a week off it seems. Barring a miracle, of sorts (cue Tosca)…
@kyle yeah. The details for application keep changing because of changing circumstances surrounding the virus, but money talks, so I’m hoping that’s enough to get in and out with an extend.
@kyle hey you’ve been very helpful already! TYSM!
I could use a good D&D session right now.
Man. I need a fun distraction! Art, games, maybe a building project. Who’s got some ideas? 😎
@kyle ha! Understood.
Last working day before a short break of a week. I’m not even focused on it though because tomorrow is a run down to the immigration bouncy house to beg for another Covid extension. Hopefully there’s no maximum amount of extends and I can do it.
@Streakmachine me too. Not every game franchise is going to be perfected, because game designers are people and people have different objectives. I swear some of these whinging gamers are offspring of those who griped about the Super Mario movie.
@kyle yep. I discovered the the text allotment has indeed been used, so time to re-up.
@kyle And here I thought my allotted texts on my data package had expired. 😄
@Streakmachine gamergate is always just around the corner for these people, unfortunately for the rest of us.
@Streakmachine my retort to this is that the last time Samus got “emotional”, it didn’t go so well with the audience. I rest my case. 😬
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