@Kabuku to my business associates, but you can call me Nathan.

The Facts

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Residential Health Specialist at Plymouth Housing [plymouthhousing.org], a non-profit organisation that aims to eliminate homelessness and its root causes in Seattle.

"When nothing goes right, go left."

Shiny is better. ☎

@Streakmachine reminds me I need to buy moar wine and wash dishes later. Here’s to (maybe) clean, intact dishes! 🍷
I have a choice between SoundCloud and bandcamp. With SC, I’ll be swamped with emails unless I manually check artist pages, and that’s a task I’m rarely enthused about. With BC, I have to suck up my pride and admit Epic has not YET blown up the platform.
@shawn ha! sounds almost like a New Year’s resolution! Sometimes that’s what it takes for progress to occur yeah?
@Streakmachine fun is the objective. Not clean intact dishes! Of course, if that happens it’s a nice bonus. ;)
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Happy holidays pnuts!
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I have this exact conversation about once a month. It’s regularity used to be inspiring; now it’s just annoying. Listen to your Taylor Swift if you must. I’m just over here groovinπŸ˜†
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@Streakmachine it may also mean the dishes are now in jeopardy of not surviving 😁
@Streakmachine @33MHz if Minidisc is junk, I’ll take it any day over streaming!
@joe @Streakmachine Epic’d might be just shy of being Elon’d 😁
@thedoctor Apple seems to have a thing for control of fonts. It’s my one remaining nag on iOS. Android can easily change fonts. What’s the deal Apple?
@Streakmachine @lechindianer which is precisely who is going to remain on the “new” Twitter: sex workers (I’m not counting the Alt-right protestors coz that’s a different kind of obscene)
@Streakmachine aims surprised you’re surprised. Doesn’t Sweden normally have inland snow this time of year?
I won’t be at #MondayNightDanceParty this week. But here’s a music meme to get the party started 😁
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@33MHz @kabuku man it’s gonna be nice
I’m so done with DisplayPort. Had nothing but problems. Back to DVI! πŸ–₯️
Three weeks until I land in the LOS. Warm smiles and warm weather all around: :)
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@33MHz I’m excited for a beta release! /@Prose @shawn
Been gettin into dub again while also diggin back into the New Order/Joy Division discographies. Weirdly dissimilar pair to digest simultaneously; one is easily consumable synth pop and the other is highly infectious rebel melodies. But it makes me 😊
@shawn But like you, I’m also gleeful at watching the drama unfold and see power unchecked eat itself alive. :D

Also, I see you’re using Prose to post and I’m feeling some Pnut envy haha

You gave up too much to turn back now. ⇄