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@jawzt we out here. This is my first visit to pnut in forever though
@sevan well, more accurately, this was the version I listened to https://youtu.be/dL3AiuTsbOU
@sevan it used to be my success anthem until I played it in my car after something too small, thus tarnishing it forever. I still haven't found a replacement
Guru Josh - Infinity
Is "the good life" something that ought to be earned?
Everyone today is offering me coffee. It might be pity, but I’ll take it!
@j_r_snook @jawzt until you swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution and sign the dotted line like I did, don't tell me what patriots do
@j_r_snook you mean physically shoot people? Killing?
@j_r_snook and this "transition of power" happens to be the democratic process of the United States. I would hope to see it happen. I had the decency to not question Trump's 2016 win, since he rightfully won, so I don't understand what's so difficult
@j_r_snook if by shooting you mean calling people out for posting misleading memes on social media—absolutely! You promote a non-factual & hypocritical narrative by a candidate that rightfully lost, then paint yourself as a victim when it's pointed out? ❄️
@j_r_snook You.
cookie jar (i)
@jawzt wait it's based in NYC? I didn't know it was based
@j_r_snook Barr is def a trumpist and was involved in pardoning Iran-contra culprits.
NYT is absolutely not far left. There's an immense political spectrum to the left of the far-right, and it's not all marxism.
As for the paywall, I find it annoying too
@j_r_snook also FYI the Daily Caller is a highly biased right-wing publication, so they are more likely to twist facts to fit their narrative or use misleading language. I highly recommend the AP and Reuters for journalism that is closer to bare facts
- The DOJ only said the agents are available in case fraud comes up
- The Caller got all its info from the NYT article, but they specifically left out info describing why fraud allegations are unfounded
- AG Barr is partisan to the extreme
joe (passed by Caliban87)
With the downballot races have been total disaster for Dems [politico.com], you have to be concerned on the 2022 midterm cycle and the post-census redistricting.
I got a suit, two shirts, and a tie (all new) for free today. Very nice
@j_r_snook Your comment is pure speculation. There's no evidence of widespread fraud. As for who's favored in mail-in ballots... one party told people to vote early and by mail, the other told its supporters to disregard the pandemic and vote in person
@j_r_snook https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-fact-check-biden-vote-spikes-mi-wi/fact-check-biden-vote-spikes-and-county-recount-do-not-prove-democrats-are-trying-to-steal-the-election-in-michigan-and-wisconsin-idUSKBN27L2RL
@blumenkraft u/spez for president?

You gave up too much to turn back now.