@33MHz to my business associates, but you can call me Robert.

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@pnut developerd, this is my mom's resume
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I take being emperor seriously but I feel like I'm the only one. My human rights: death, hell, and the grave.

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On our way! Let's gooooo #camping!
@streakmachine poor graveyard. Maybe Google can work on Google Graveyard, and then shut that down, and no longer be able to send products to the graveyard.
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Classic @echodunk.
Happy ADNiversary (albeit super belated)!
@mrfresh best 30 minutes! \o/ welcome back! @papierzeit @ludolphus @hutattedonmyarm @nitinkhanna @phoneboy @sulgi @joanna @i70dan @peemee @manx @jeremycherfas @ericd @jdscolam @jeremy @ccp @lechindianer
Ice cream is dangerounsly accessible to small children in my house. Something to rectify!
"how to make chili power"
@mandy Don't breath in…
@hutattedonmyarm oh ho ho πŸ˜† well pass it on. haha
@i70dan some people say it's just in the rust belt. But, is all of "flyover country" midwest? I think some people think so.
@i70dan can't let that happen! Let's goooo!
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@hutattedonmyarm wahoo! congrats! @papierzeit @ludolphus @nitinkhanna @phoneboy @sulgi @joanna @i70dan @peemee @mrfresh @manx @jeremycherfas @ericd @jdscolam @jeremy @ccp @lechindianer
Rome will crumble again. This cycle of destruction opens new opportunities for innovation and recreation. We don't want a scorched earth, but the collapse of civilization will give us good opportunities again.
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Quotes on metaverse

>> I'd hoped the virtual world would start out and be built organically by people because it was fun, useful and anyone could make a little money, just like the early internet. >> The early internet having been so organically developed for fun and utility happened because money wasn't yet involved/in charge. >> At this point could there ever again emerge any major new technology that wasn't either developed by a huge corporation or quickly acquired by a huge corporation? >> Will we ever see a scenario again where such an important technology is allowed decades to emerge while it's ignored by industry for being too academic, too early, too much for nerds? >> Today, even Wordle couldn't stay independent. How could anyone build a multiverse popular enough to have a network effect but not get invaded by spam, money, predation? …

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jest case 3 let's go
This is some of the molding in the house down the street, that I'm tearing out. Covering the ceiling. Lots and lots of molding. Beautiful stuff covered in lead paint, water- and termite-damaged, just like all of us.

Some of my favorite people are broken.
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facebook image on twitter posted to slack than kyou #midwest #hashtag #discussionStarter
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npmjs down?
@blumenkraft thanks! Hoping to bring a big ol' pot to heat apple cider at the fire. ☺️

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